Behind The Wheel in Edmonton: Meet Derryn

While many of our partners drive full time, others drive to supplement their income. In our ongoing series of driver profiles, today, we’re going Behind the Wheel with Derryn to learn more about why he chose to drive in Edmonton.

Uber Mini Donuts On-Demand in Calgary

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 2, from 11am-3pm Calgarians can “Sneak-a-Treat” by requesting Calgary Mini Donuts on demand. The best part? Because we love Calgary, and we obviously love Mini Donuts, these bundles of tastebud joy will cost you as much as a free pancake breakfast.

Meet The Edmonton Team

While the Uber platform is available globally, it’s our city teams, as well as local riders and driver partners, that power the platform. At Uber Edmonton, we’re passionate about making our city better. Together with thousands of local driver partners, we keep Edmonton moving and we energize the local economy. We’re helping to make streets safer from drunk and distracted driving, and we’re fostering a more connected, less congested environment.

Summer Price Promotion – with Guaranteed Driver Earnings

With the temperature rising in Edmonton, we’re lowering uberX fares by 10% so you can enjoy the safest rides on the road at our best prices to date.

Uber Partnerships in Edmonton

Whether it’s the earning opportunities we provide driver partners and their families, the sheer number of jobs we stand to create, or our partnerships with local businesses, we are determined to be an important part of what makes Edmonton a great city to live in. One of our favourite ways to do this is by […]

UberWEDDING: Here Comes the Ride!

You take care of the rings, let Uber take care of the rides! Uber has been your favorite way to get around Edmonton, so why not use the same reliable service on the most important day of your life: your wedding day! Whether you’re taking care of out-of-towners, getting your guests to the ceremony on-time, […]

Roll to the Polls with Uber

On Tuesday, May 5, we all have a big decision to make in the Alberta election. How you get to and from the polls will be the easiest one you make all day.

Fare Splitting = Fair Splitting

It’s been said that 4 out of 3 people can’t do fractions. At Uber, we love math (we have a whole team dedicated to it!) but we understand that not everyone does. So we’re going to do the long division for you.

Behind the Wheel in Edmonton: Meet Karen

While many of our partners drive full time, others drive to supplement their income. Today, we’re going Behind the Wheel with Karen to learn more about why she chose to drive in Edmonton.