Love Taco – Raymond’s Chicago restaurant dream

Raymond Jones, owner of Love Taco, has a storied career which includes hip-hop artist and comedy writer for TV shows like Key & Peele. Returning to Chicago in 2017 he revisited an earlier passion and opened Mexican restaurant Love Taco in Washington Park. Also known as ‘Raydio G’ from hip-hop group Hotstylz, the dream to […]

It’s Lazy Day: 10 ways to max how you relax

Look at you go, nonstop from sunrise to sunset and beyond. It’s high time you took a day for yourself, because you are anything but lazy. And so, in honor of Lazy Day, we’re not even going to give you tips, tricks or hacks, just a loose list of suggestions for a restful day of […]

Q’s Tips & Wings BBQ – Award winning backyard barbecue

Q’s Tips & Wings was born in the backyard of LaShawn and Quincy Jones’s home in Markham, Illinois. Barbecuing exclusively for family and friends, the popularity of Quincy’s wings and rib tips quickly outgrew their home and they opened a restaurant. “Quincy had only barbecued for family and friends until the Fourth of July,  2013, […]

The food at Lollapalooza this year

It’s that time of year again, when revelers from all around the world converge on Grant Park for Lollapalooza. What to expect? Great music, vibes, food, and plenty of other wonderful things. This year we’ve partnered with restaurants at Lollapalooza’s Chow Town to bring you something to celebrate all week – a reduced booking fee […]

Where to order pizza in Chicago

Whether you prefer the classic Chicago deep dish or something a little less conventional, you’ll be sure to find a variety of different pizzas on UberEATS. It might be the classic deep dish from The Warehouse Pizzeria or something gourmet from La Crosta. If  you like to combine your favorite foods, there is even the […]

How to enjoy Taco Tuesday in Chicago

So you survived Monday, but the weekend still seems too far away. Never fear, Taco Tuesday is here! The early week rescue that everyone needs. Whether you favor the al pastor, pollo, fish or vegetarian, there’s plenty of options available. If you’re too busy to go out for Taco Tuesday, why miss out? You can […]

The top health foods you’re eating

Summer is usually a time when people turn to healthy alternatives and when it comes to healthy foods there is one clear favorite here in Chicago – the avocado. While poke and edamame prove popular on UberEATS, avocado is the health food trend preferred in over 16 major cities across the country. For more information […]

Go mutts, UberPUPPIES are here!

We’ve partnered with The Anti-Cruelty Society to bring you #UberPUPPIES on demand in Chicago on May 10, 2017 as we raise awareness for pet adoption during National Pet Week.

Illinois, uberXL is here

This one is huge. Literally. Looking for a way to get around with your posse? Try uberXL.

Carbondale, your Uber is here!

Uber is coming to the capital of Southern Illinois. We’re thrilled to join the Carbondale community and bring you safe and reliable rides at the touch of a button.