Uber DC Pays Tribute to Its Veteran Partners

This Veteran’s Day, from our Nation’s Capital, we are proud to honor some of the Uber partners who have protected and defended this country. We’d like to introduce you to a few of them – and we hope you’ll join us in saying “thank you.”

Veteran Partner Photo 1 Name: Marshell S.
Age: 25
Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Military Service: Specialist, United States Army, 2009-2012
Uber Partner Since: September, 2013
Fun Fact: Writes Music and Poetry

“I worked with special forces on interrogations, and so my service has taught me the art of communication and the ability to understand the people around me on a daily basis. My service has made me a more well-rounded individual because of my travels… I’m knowledgeable of a lot of different aspects of life and cultures.”

Veteran Partner Photo 2 Name: Will B.
Age: 32
Hometown: Washington, DC
Military Service: 2nd-Class Petty Officer, United States Navy, 2000-2006
Uber Partner Since: January, 2013
Fun Fact: Skydived 700 times

“I went into the military because  I consider myself a patriot.  I think every young person should serve.  People who haven’t served don’t always understand the certain freedoms we have on a day-to-day basis… [Serving] was a very special time in my life where I learned things I can pass on to my children like respect and discipline. It also taught me how to value a friendship… and how to be professional.”

Veteran Partner Photo 3

Name: Henry K.
Age: 38
Hometown: Parkville, Maryland
Military Service: Sergeant, United States Army, 2004- Present
Uber Partner Since: May, 2012
Fun Fact: Plays Volleyball; Studying Cyber Security at UMUC

“Serving in the military has given me an identity, an education, and a sense of pride.  I’m able to multi-task and balance a demanding life of working, school, and family because I have a strong sense of discipline… It’s given me a true sense of independence. Through my experience, I’ve learned about myself, working with a team, striving, and surviving.  Serving your country gives you everything you need in life in one package.”  

Veteran Partner Photo 4

Name: Donald K.
Age: 56
Hometown: Griffith, Indiana
Military Service: Sergeant, United States Army, 1974 to 1987
Uber Partner Since: April, 2012
Fun Fact: Loves Eating Out and Going to the Movies

“I ran off and joined the Army at 17 to travel the world, and I got an education you can’t get from books… One thing I learned in the Army is that life isn’t all about me.  And that idea crosses over into civilian life.  You have to always think about other people.  You have to set the next person up.  And that helps to foster a feeling of teamwork.  That’s the biggest thing I learned in the military: teamwork.”

Washington, DC Veteran Partners: Ryan T., Simon R., Tinene M., Belayneh E., Sergio C., Raymond R., Awoke A., Hector R., John K., Umar J., Keith Y., Irving T., Thaddeus G., James M., Marv A., Atif O., Emmanuel W., William W., Jalal T., James S., Cesar R., Shareef R., James M., Paul C., Steven S., Earl A., Tagel N., Meskelu D., Lankford P., Earl B., Alemayehu A., Emmanuel W., Edom T., Solomon A., Eskinder Z., Dawit D, & Mark H.