The UBERcade is Back in DC


UBERcade [/oo-bur-kade/] noun: A baller lineup of three black vehicles, typically carrying and escorting an Uber rider.

At Uber, our goal is to make you feel presidential each and every day with sleek black cars and SUVs. But since it’s President’s Day, it seemed only appropriate that we take things up a notch.

Today only, from 12-5pm, some lucky riders will receive the UBERcade, featuring three “Uber Secret Service agents” and two Suburbans flanking a sleek black town car. We can’t clear traffic, and we may not yet have tear gas, bulletproof armor, or a backup oxygen system in the trunk like Barack, but we can guarantee that this President’s Day those of you riding in the UBERcade are going to turn some heads as you roll through town.

Some of you early adopters here in DC may remember the UBERcade from last year, which surprised many riders on President’s Day 2012. Today, we’re taking things even further: there won’t just be one UBERcade on the road… there will be three.


  • Request an Uber Black Car, just like usual.
  • Some lucky riders will receive the UBERcade at random—the more you ride today, the better your chances.
  • Once you’ve snagged a ride in the UBERcade, tweet about your experience using hashtag #UBERcade and mention @Uber_DC to score a Jackson off your next trip!

Not lucky enough to catch an Ubercade? Everyone who rides this President’s Day will be eligible to win prizes to restaurants named after some of our most famous leaders, like the Hamilton and Lincoln. Haven’t ridden with Uber yet? Sign up now and use the promo code UBERCADE for $10 off your first ride! (Promotion available for new riders until March 18th.)

Miss out on the action from last year? Catch up with the video below:

Yours truly,
Uber DC Secret Service