Holiday Pro-Tip: Save on Every Trip

From shopping to shipping, the holidays are expensive. The good news? Your ride doesn’t have to be. With uberPOOL, your ride is up to 40% cheaper than uberX. Save where you can, so you can splurge where you want.

Land the Cheapest Ride Home

That taxi line at DCA is long and, after a weekend with your family, your patience is short. Sidestep the stress: pool home from the airport and save your cash for in-flight snacks.

Festivus Hard This Year

Dancing at every holiday party until you can’t feel your face is a worthy goal. It can also leave a dent in your bank account. Prevent the damage by pooling between soirees and put that extra holiday cash towards a new pair of shoes.

Crush Your Shopping List

You forgot to pick up a present for your cousin for the third year running. Your secret’s safe with us. Outsmart the crowds and pool to your favorite stores without parking hassles.

Now that you’ve hacked the holidays with uberPOOL, reward yourself with an extra stocking stuffer.

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