Behind The Wheel With…Mechande, uberX Partner

Today, we’re kicking off a new series called Behind the Wheel With…, where we go behind the scenes with Uber driver partners and get a front seat view of their life behind the wheel.

While many of our partners drive full time, others drive to supplement their income. Mechande, one of our top uberX partners in the DC area, fits the latter profile. Today, we’re going Behind the Wheel With Mechande to learn more about her life on and off the Uber platform.

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Last week we met up with Mechande. A native Washingtonian, Howard University graduate and a devoted teacher, Mechande is a bright people person who won’t shy away from anyone. DC, meet Mechande.

How long have you been teaching? : 3 years
How did you get into teaching? : Well, I come from a family of teachers. So when I finished college, obviously I wanted to be different and went into sales! It didn’t take long to realize that it wasn’t the right field for me, so I started substitute teaching. From there, I never looked back.
How long have you been an uberX partner? : 5 months
Why Uber? : Our school is sending 8 students on a scientific excursion to the Amazon River. I am so excited to say that my colleague and I are accompanying the students on this trip – this expensive trip. I partnered with Uber to help fund the trip, for myself and the students.
What’s your favorite part about driving with Uber? : Meeting so many fantastic folks! You get to meet people from all walks of life – young, old, quiet, talkative and everything in between.

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Interested in supporting Mechande and her student field trip to the Amazon? Check out more information here.