Driving forward in Hyderabad

Our goal has always been to be an accessible and affordable transportation option through our innovative technology. Whether it’s for the occasional weekend trip or as part of your frequent commute, Uber has become the preferred choice for riders across Hyderabad in the last 3 years. During these 6 days of unrest, we thank you […]

Keep Hyderabad Moving

Over the last five days, certain groups of people have forcefully prevented thousands of driver-partners from serving the city of Hyderabad. Their actions have made it very difficult to get a ride in a city where lakhs of citizens have come to rely on Uber to get to work and go about their ordinary lives. […]

Hyderabad, Thank you for 2016!

Hyderabad, what a ride it’s been! As we look back at 2016, we couldn’t help but reminisce about the year we’re leaving behind. From launching new products to creating delightful experiences for our riders & driver partners, we’ve come a long way. We started out to solve a simple problem – how do you get […]

The uberPOOL Ride Guide

We’re excited to introduce uberPOOL, our in-app carpool option, to Hyderabadis for a lot of reasons: It’s cheap and eco-friendly, safe and reliable, and as easy to use as tapping a button.  And while it’s difficult to argue with an affordable transportation option that’s simple to use and has a positive impact on the environment, we […]

Join the Uber Team!

Want to work with the fastest growing company in the world? You’re in luck. We’re looking for Community Operations Specialists, an integral part of the Global Community Operations in Hyderabad, India. Come help us in our mission to get India moving with world class support! Sounds exciting? Follow the below steps to start your interview […]

Uber Hyderabad, is bringing you an exciting mid-week treat – tap a button, and you and a friend could win a chance to meet Hyderabad’s favorite, Actor Nani. On 15th June, unwind with Nani and the cast of the film GENTLEMAN, and get a chance to interact in a Q&A session, exclusively for Uber riders. HOW IT WORKS […]

Let’s Get Pooling, Hyderabad

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of carpooling in Hyderabad, uberPOOL. People going to the same place at the same time–will now be able to share their journey at a fraction of the cost. HOW TO POOL with uberPOOL  Selecting the uberPOOL option connects you real-time with 1-2 passengers heading in the same direction, […]


We’re excited to share that we’ve made it even easier to get a fast, reliable ride on Uber. Now, our partners can receive their next trip just before their current trip is over. Often a car ending a trip close by will get to you faster than the next closest car already available. A request […]

Your Party Bus Is Arriving Now!

Uber has partnered with Budweiser to make sure  you have the best weekend ever!  Here’s your chance to win a day-long party experience -an exclusive Party Bus,  Bud & Burgers brunch and passes to Sensation 2016 right at the tap of a button – all this for a glorious sum of INR 0.    Uber Riders who’ve taken […]

Celebrate this Republic Day with UberVINTAGE

To celebrate the 67th Republic Day, we are turning back the clock and taking you on a journey to the roaring ‘40s, in style. We’ve partnered with HNOP to bring you Vintage cars on demand.