Mississauga Needs Uber

With over 5,000 drivers and 100,000 riders, ridesharing is a major contributor and enabler of Mississauga’s vibrant economy. Ridesharing is connecting people with safe, reliable rides and flexible earning opportunities that are growing the transportation pie in Mississauga, with taxi trips in 2015 up 7% from 2013 after more than year of Uber operating in the […]

Make the Most of Your Extra Day

Make the most of your extra Leap Day and visit these top Toronto destinations with us.

Thank you, Edmonton

Today we were joined by hundreds of supporters to ask the provincial government to approve rideshare licensing and insurance so that thousands of Albertans can continue to earn a living, and tens of thousands do not lose access to a much needed transportation system.

Behind the Wheel with Julie

In Toronto’s first “Behind The Wheel” series, we find out why Julie enjoys driving with Uber and how she’s encouraging other females to join her on the road.

Année bissextile: Quoi faire avec votre journée additionnelle?

L’année 2016 est une année bissextile, ce qui signifie que le mois de février ne compte pas 28 jours, mais bien 29! L’équipe de Uber Montréal vous propose quelques idées d’activités à faire durant cette journée supplémentaire, que ce soit une sortie au restaurant ou une séance de sport.

Leap Day: What to Do with Your Extra Day

This year, is a leap year. Meaning there is 1 extra day in February, 2016! How will you spend your bonus day? We’ve got some inspiration for you on fun things to do on February 29, whether it’s an outdoor adventure or a good meal.

Keep ridesharing in Alberta

Unless the province acts before March 1st, ridesharing will no longer be able to continue operations in Alberta and drivers and riders will lose access to important income and transportation.

Uber & AGE-WELL Partner on uberASSIST

With our launch of uberASSIST today, we’re also excited to announce a new partnership with AGE-WELL (Aging Gracefully across Environments using Technology to Support Wellness, Engagement and Long Life Inc.).

uberASSIST Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for uberASSIST in Toronto

Greater Accessibility for Riders

Today we’re excited to announce the next step in providing increased mobility to Torontonians with uberASSIST.