Introducing Earnings Boost

We’re so excited you’ve joined us on the road! Now it’s time to earn. Welcome to Earnings Boost. With Earnings Boost, you’ll see multiple Reward Zones in the partner app when you are online. Simply drive in these Reward Zones to boost your earnings on every trip you take!

Every week, you’ll receive a Status, based on the trips you’ve taken in the previous week. Your Status will tell you how much you can earn, and when. That’s not all. You’ll also receive real-time receipts, and know how much extra you earned on every trip receipt. Earnings Boost provides in-app communication and live maps of the Reward Zones, letting you know where to drive to earn the most.


What are the different Statuses?

There are four different levels, each with a higher reward: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The more you drive, the higher your Status, and the greater guaranteed offer you’ll receive. Upgrade your Status for next week by taking more trips—you’re in control!



When will I get paid?

You’ll see your Status payout in-app, after each trip. These trips will be paid out and shown in your payment statement on the following week, just like normal trips.



How does it work with surge?

You’re always guaranteed the highest payout. That means, if surge is greater than the guarantee, you’ll always get the highest of the two. If surge is 2.2x, but your guarantee is 1.6x, you’ll receive the surge fare of 2.2x!

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What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. No trips per hour, acceptance rate, or completion rate requirements. Just drive during the hours mentioned in your weekly Status rewards email to get your guarantees, in the Reward Zones.



How do I move my Status up?

The more trips you take, the higher your Status.



Status Qualifying Trips Reward
Platinum 95+ $$$$
Gold 65-95 $$$
Silver 35-65 $$
Bronze <35 $