Ubermeow: I Can Have a Kitty

Shanghai – break out all the warm fuzzy feelings and get ready to go “awwwwww” with UberMEOW during the holidays! We’ve teamed up with Think Adoption and Hello! Cats to bring you kitties, literally, on Friday, December 26.


如果暖男的呵护和圣诞的温馨还没有让你走出这个寒冷冬日,那么就让猫咪彻底融化你的心吧!准备好用停不下来的“awwwwww”迎接毛茸茸的一团萌物了吗?“Uber喵”即将在本月26日登陆上海。我们很高兴携手 Think Adoption 以及 Hello! Cats 两家慈善组织,将这些可爱的小家伙们,直接送到您的面前!

Uber Teams Up with VCleanse For Warming Day #U享暖体日#

Next week, we’re excited to team up with V Cleanse in Shanghai and bring you #​UberCLEANSE to celebrate health and wellness in this cold weather!