Uber To and From the East Bay, All Day

Since 2013, Uber has been committed to providing safe, reliable rides across the East Bay. In the first few months of 2015 alone, half a million trips have been completed across the 510 and 925, thanks to the thousands of driver partners hailing from the East Bay.

Why I Drive: Learn About Your East Bay Drivers

We recently announced that Uber is everywhere in the East Bay, with hundreds of thousands of trips taken so far this year. This important milestone was made possible by our dedicated driver-partners in the East Bay. We couldn’t have done it without such an incredible group of people. They are your neighbors, your community leaders […]

No Luck Required

To get you in the spirit, we’ve picked seven St. Patrick’s Day events happening in all corners of the city. Whether you’re looking for a party, or curious to hear some Irish history, you can get a ride anywhere for $7 or less — no luck required.

UN Women + Uber = Vision for Equality

Women in the Bay Area are already taking advantage of the safe, flexible and equitable earning opportunities offered by the Uber platform. April, one of our top partners, has been driving in San Francisco since August 2014. Here’s her story.

7 Days of $7 uberPOOL

People in SF are busy, with packed schedules and no shortage of places to go. Make your week a little bit easier with $7 or less uberPOOL trips in 7×7 San Francisco. From a park day to laundry day, we’ve got you covered.