Uber, Lyft and Sidecar Support Coalition to Repeal Rideshare Ordinance

Together, we have sparked a revolution in transportation, and have seen ridesharing fulfill a longtime need in Seattle. The City Council recently passed an ordinance that places new limits and regulatory restrictions on mobile app ride services in Seattle. This new ordinance, if allowed to take effect, will make it impossible for drivers to serve […]

Tacoma, we are headed your way

Hello Tacoma! Reliable, safe, affordable rides will be just a tap away at the beginning of April. Uber has actually been completing trips in your area for some time, but now we are giving you the attention you deserve. Dedicated supply, your very own twitter account, happy hours, partnerships and more. Do you have a […]

Dawgs…spring Break!

Dawgs! You’re almost done with finals! If that isn’t worth celebrating, we don’t know what is. Uber is here to give you the high fives and pats on the back you deserve. We’ve partnered up with some awesome #UberApproved businesses to provide the incentive you need to make it to the end of finals week, […]

Tell the City Council to save uberX!

Seattle, your City Council is voting at 2 p.m. to dismantle uberX. By restricting uberX to 150 cars, this law will deal a devastating blow to uberX by forcing a vast majority of the almost 1,000 active drivers off of the system. Once enforced, uberX will be instantly unusable for tens of thousands of riders. […]

Get Lucky with Uber This Saint Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Wear your brightest green, run your heart out at the 30th annual St. Paddy’s Day Dash, and enter to win a “Pot of Gold” experience with 2Bar Distillery and Broadway Across America!

City Council moving to shutdown hundreds of small businesses

PROPOSED CAPS WILL LIMIT OPPORTUNITY FOR DRIVERS Since the Seattle launch of uberX in April 2013, tens of thousands of Seattleites have embraced this new way of getting around the city and hundreds of drivers have found opportunity via the Uber system.  To riders uberX offers an affordable, green and efficient way of getting around […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

This Saturday March 8th is International Women’s Day! To celebrate this awesome day, we decided to feature some of the amazing women that we are lucky enough to partner with here in Seattle! We love our lady partner-drivers and we are incredibly honored to be doing our small part to empower these entrepreneurs.  So the next […]