UberTHRILL powered by Parq

We’ve teamed up with Parq Nightclub to deliver a wicked good time this Halloween, all at the tap of a button.

Gotham City PD hits the gaslamp!

The biggest event in the Gaslamp is back! The costumes will be wilder, the venues fuller, and the streets busier at this year’s global pop culture festival. And Uber? Well, we’ve kicked it up a notch too. We’re teaming up with FOX to deliver an on-demand experience that will put you in the back seat of a patrol […]

ShamROCK Gaslamp Giveaway

ROCK your green with us and 20,000 festival attendees at the 19th Annual ShamROCK 2014!

It’s Gaslamp Love Week!

It’s #GaslampLoveWeek! Yep, starting RIGHT NOW through Friday at 12 PM sharp, you’ll get $5 off your Uber rides if you’re headed to or from any of our favorite Gaslamp destinations.