Take Work on the Go with uberWIFI

Juggling the demands of any job in our 24/7 world can be tough, especially when the summer sunshine is calling. Thankfully, working on the go in Philadelphia just got easier with uberWIFI.

Making Pennsylvania Safer: as Uber Use Goes Up, DUI Rates Go Down

Drunk driving is a serious problem throughout the United States, and that is particularly true in Pennsylvania, which is the fourth-highest state for DUI fatalities even though its population is only sixth-highest in the country. Last month, Pittsburgh resident and blogger Nate Good caught our eye when he posted an analysis of drunk driving in the Philadelphia area, which demonstrated that DUI rates have fallen in the city since Uber’s arrival. We dove deeper into the research to present some surprising statistics.

uberFAMILY: For Parents On The Go

Raising kids in the City of Brotherly Love isn’t always easy. Juggling the little ones while trying to navigate Philly’s hectic streets requires skill, but starting today, all that has changed. Introducing uberFAMILY, the on-demand car seat option for parents on the go.

Neighborhood Love: Fairmount

We’re feeling the love in Fairmount. With award-winning restaurants, shops, and historical sites, explore what makes this neighborhood next level. For one weekend only in July we’re offering half off rides to or from Fairmount.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Your Uber!

Is there a better city to celebrate this 4th of July holiday than the one where it all started! Get around the birthplace of America responsibly this holiday weekend by taking Uber to and from your picnics, parties, and firework festivities.

Jersey Shore: Red, White, Blue and Uber, Too

The Shore is only $29 away this weekend. Now that we’ve got a solid base tan going, we’re really excited to soak in the sun and celebrate our first Independence Day down the Shore.