NYC Partners

Celebrating Manhattan Driver-Partners

Last week, we celebrated some of our long-term driver-partners and their communities with a Partner Appreciation Event at J. Hood Wright Park in Washington Heights. Thank you to all 1,200 Uber driver-partners who call Manhattan home and are responsible for completing over 1.5 million trips on the platform in the past 4 years.

Celebrating Brooklyn Driver-Partners

Last week, we were proud to celebrate the more than 5,000 Uber driver-partners who call Brooklyn home.

In Celebration of Bronx Week 2015

More than 2,400 Uber driver-partners call the Bronx home and are responsible for completing over 3 million trips on the platform in the past 4 years. See how we’re celebrating them—and their borough.

Behind the Wheel with… Ada, NYC uberX partner

NYC, meet Ada—proud mother of 2, tax accountant, and one of our highest-rated uberX partners.

NYC, Meet Mouhamed—Our Sixth Star Award Winner

Today, we are excited to honor our NYC partner, Mouhamed with a Sixth Star Award! Learn how Mouhamed has gone above and beyond in his service as an Uber partner.

What Does a Typical New York uberX Partner Earn in a Week?

Drivers are using their time more efficiently and earning substantially more per hour than in previous years. But how much does a typical uberX driver earn over the course of a week?

Behind the Wheel with… Pin, NYC uberX partner

This week, we’re Behind the Wheel with Pin, one of our top-rated uberX partners here in New York City. Read on to learn more about Pin’s story.

Three Septembers of uberX in New York City

It’s rare that we get the time to take a look backwards here at Uber NYC, but sometimes there’s a story hiding in our data that’s worth spending the time to share. September 2014 marks our third September since the launch of uberX in New York. With three years of data, we’re able to highlight the ‘big picture’ trends that are shaping the way uberX works for both riders and drivers. Read on to see what we’ve discovered.

Behind the Wheel With… Sani, NYC uberX partner

Today, we’re kicking off a new series where we go behind the scenes with Uber partner drivers and get a front seat view of their life behind the wheel. New York, meet Sani— uberX partner driver, Brooklyner, and father of four.

Make $5,000 per Month for the Rest of the Year

You may have noticed announcements of a $5,000 guarantee all around the city — on the backs of buses, on billboards, or on the radio. Until now, this guarantee was only for new partners in their first month with Uber. As of tomorrow, October 1, the guarantee will apply to every Uber partner in New York City.