flat rates

Taking 1 Million Cars Off the Road in New York City

With more than 2.7 million vehicles entering the city each day—most carrying just a single passenger—it’s no wonder New York City has a congestion problem. With uberPOOL, our goal is simple: take 1 million cars off the road in New York City and help eliminate our city’s congestion problem for good. Share a ride and help reduce congestion in New York City. Read more.

Ride in Manhattan for $10 or less

Ride anywhere within Manhattan (below 96th Street) for only $10. Get the full details.

Share your ride, reduce emissions

In honor of Earth Day, we’re encouraging New Yorkers to share a ride and help reduce emissions by offering $5 uberPOOL flat rates in Manhattan.

$5 for 5 Weekends

In an effort to connect riders with the places, people, and businesses they care about, we’re offering $5 uberPOOL rides along the L Line between Williamsburg and Manhattan for 5 weekends.