We’re Bringing You UberEATS When You Want It Most

We teamed up with the NYC Chapter of Spoon University to bring you late night UberEATS. See what came of our late night study session and how to get your hands on our special delivery this Saturday.

This Week’s EATS Curated By Zagat

This week UberEATS is bringing the best of the best, with a menu curated by Zagat. With the tap of a button, you can skip making reservations and waiting on lines to score your way to dishes from these top-rated restaurants.

Uber and Timberland Are Bringing You A Modern Adventure

On Wednesday, September 23, we’re teaming up with Timberland to take you on an urban adventure. With a tap of your app, explore the streets of NYC with a free, 30-minute journey and get outfitted with a complimentary pair of Timberland boots and a backpack to blaze your trail—all from the backseat of a custom SUV. Learn more.

Force Friday is Upon Us

Force Friday is here, and to celebrate we’ve teamed up with Hot Wheels to bring a fleet of Hot Wheels First Order Stormtrooper cars directly to you. Get the details.