An Open Letter to the Mayor on Congestion in London

We are pleased that TfL has listened to Londoners and ditched last year’s ill thought out policies to impose compulsory five minute wait times and a ban on cars being shown in the Uber app. That’s a victory for common sense. But in light of Mr Johnson’s comments this morning about congestion we wanted to explain how Uber can help cut traffic and pollution in London.

High Court rules that Uber’s app is not a taximeter

Great news! The High Court in London today decided that Uber’s app is… well … an app not a taximeter. This is a victory for common sense and it means we won’t have to make any unnecessary changes to the way Uber works today. People will still be able to push a button and book a ride—without being forced to do something like having to type in their destination every time.

Why Uber uses surge pricing, even during a tube strike

No one has to travel when surge pricing is in effect – it’s entirely your choice. But it does give you the choice: whether you pay for a car that will get you to work, to that meeting you can’t miss or home to your loved ones. Or whether you negotiate the buses, walk it or stay put.

Uber London’s Letter to the Editor of the Guardian

Safety is hugely important to our riders and to Uber so we wanted to give you the facts.

1M fewer cars in London


Uber London: fully compliant and standing by our partner-drivers

At the heart of Uber’s model is our commitment to providing choice and value for riders and economic opportunities for thousands of drivers, without whom our service would not be possible. Like all private hire operators, Uber is regulated by TfL and we have met their requirements at every stage. Following another round of scrutiny, Uber […]

Uber London puts the record straight on a driver insurance question

The last several weeks have been quite challenging for Uber London. Besides taxis bringing London to a standstill at great inconvenience to Londoners, the big incumbent taxi and private hire industries continue to put severe pressure on any and all officials and civil servants to shut down Uber. Their main difficulty in this endeavour is […]

Technology meets tradition: join the Uber platform as a London Cab driver

Black cabs are an integral part of modern London – as iconic as red buses, Big Ben and bobbies on the beat – and London’s cabbies are the finest in the world. In a city that’s been burned and blitzed over the years, The Knowledge gives them the edge on the road. But technology doesn’t […]

Introducing: #UberTAXI

Amongst the architecture and art of London, few things are more iconic than the black cab. But just as our city’s physical landscape adapts over time, so too must our means of getting around it. Today, on top of our existing three options of uberX, EXEC and LUX cars in London, we’re opening up the […]

The mind behind the mirrors: Meet the drivers

Here at Uber London, our mission isn’t just to keep you moving around this city we call home – we’re also dedicated to providing opportunities for fair and flexible work for the drivers who use our platform to get you from A to B. We love hearing your stories about those amazing drivers who’ve gone […]