Get your sketch on

Our cities are full of hidden gems, from tucked-away restaurants to the best place to watch the sunset – and the best creative talent. Together with and SUITCASE Magazine, we want to give the UK’s creative talent a new way to have their art discovered. From photographers through to illustrators and contemporary artists, we want to hear […]

Here’s the scoop: #UberIceCream is back

Consider this your chance to bring some childhood magic to your Friday afternoon. If your office is more water cooler than paddling pool and sunbathing by the window is generally frowned upon, don’t sweat it. This Friday, for one day only, we’ll be delivering a taste of summer (like they used to make it) with […]

How London responds to travel without the Underground

With 4 million journeys taken on the London Underground every day, it’s no surprise that when it shuts down on a busy weekday, travelling around London is difficult. We’ve crunched our data to see how London responds to a strike. Requests The Thursday morning of the strike was the busiest time Uber London has ever […]

Trip of the Week: A journey to be proud of

We were proud to be supporting London Pride only a few short weeks ago, so it seems only fitting that for this week’s Trip of the Week, we share this story of one rider’s perfect end to a perfect day at London Pride. Jason had flown over from New York to join the festivities of […]

Why Uber uses surge pricing, even during a tube strike

No one has to travel when surge pricing is in effect – it’s entirely your choice. But it does give you the choice: whether you pay for a car that will get you to work, to that meeting you can’t miss or home to your loved ones. Or whether you negotiate the buses, walk it or stay put.

Keep calm and share your journey

Our tips to beat the crowds during this week’s London Tube Strike.

Relive the UberLIVE action

UberLIVE. Eight shows. Six cities. 1 night

Trip of the Week: Bourek Brilliance meets Motown Madness

Lawyer by day, Motown performer by night. Uber rider Yohanna spends her time rushing from A to B without giving her hunger pangs a second thought – until Ervid comes along!