Dessert Pizza: Why you’re gonna want a pizza this.

Dessert Pizza, YUM


What happens when you take one of our favorite foods and turn it into an amazingly sweet, mouthwatering dessert?

Well, when it’s dessert pizza, just about anything can happen, actually.

As far as dessert ideas go, this one is a winner. It’s the perfect balance of textures and there is almost no limit to what to top it with. If you’re making one, go with your gut. For real.

Dessert pizza could be fruit and chocolate, or chocolate chips and marshmallows. You could go nuts with nuts and bananas with bananas while making one.

In her book “Pizza: A Global History” author Carol Helstosky, who clearly knows a thing or two about pizza, makes special mention of Rocky Mountain Pie, a dessert pizza baked with a supersized, doughy crust and dipped in honey. Yeah, that works.

How about a fall-flavorful caramel apple dessert pizza? Or dessert pizza for breakfast? Even your usually strict mom will let you have this sweet for the first meal of the day.

Sugar-coating history:  To give the dessert pizza some context, let’s talk about the sweetest of the meal courses in general.

The word “dessert” came into use around 1600. It’s French (naturally—they do love sweets, oui?) and comes from desservir, which means to remove what has been served.

So, dessert is what you eat when the meal has been taken away and nobody wants to leave the table yet.

Sweet science: We crave sweets after a meal for two few very real physiological reasons and one totally psychological one.

Sugar boosts serotonin—the feel-good chemical—in our brains. If you’ve just consumed a lot of carbohydrates at dinner, your blood sugar may drop after you eat, causing you to crave sweets.

Finally, after hundreds of years of being conditioned to getting dessert (if we clean our plates), guess what? We feel entitled to the degree that we crave and expect dessert.

And dessert pizza fits the bill perfectly.

So, about dessert pizza.

It’s not clear when the dessert pizza was invented. More likely, it was the brilliant brainstorm of more than one chef who saw a naked crust after dinner one night and thought, “dessert!” No matter where it came from, today, dessert pizza has its own devoted fan club.

Dessert pizza breakdown: Starting with a crust.

Traditional pizza dough is an excellent and traditional foundation for a dessert pizza. The dry, slightly salty dough is a perfect foil for sweet, sticky, melty toppings.

Premade (or homemade) cookie dough with chips (chocolate, butterscotch) is simply magical. Or, some prefer to indulge in a crust made out of brownies. Yes, brownies.

Next, let’s focus on toppings.

The flavor balance between crust and toppings is key. If your crust isn’t sweet, your toppings should do the heavy lifting. This is dessert, after all.

If the crust is sweet, you can go sweeter still or hold back. On the other hand, maybe just consider what you love. Candy-coated chocolate pieces, pretzel crumbles, gummi candy, sugar icing—ooh, they all sound good.

And, while any sweet topping will make your pizza a dessert pizza, fruit is always a good choice.

Berries, especially strawberries drizzled with chocolate and vigorously sprinkled with powdered sugar, like UberEATS partner Pizza Rustica in Miami does, give you a world of flavor and texture on a plate.

But, just because we have looked at the dessert pizza from many angles does not mean we are experts on the matter. Leave us alone in a kitchen with dough, fruit, chocolate sauce and powdered sugar and there is a good chance dessert pizza won’t be the result.

That’s why we rely on the culinary expertise of others.

Fastest, easiest way to do dessert pizza: Order one with UberEATS! Click on the app, search for “dessert pizza” and get ready to be nom-nom-nomming in 30 minutes or less.

So are you hungry for a dessert pizza yet? No matter where you live or what desserts you may be craving at the moment, UberEATS is just a tap away with something sweet to end your meal or satisfy your craving.



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