DUI Rates Decline in Uber Cities

The availability and affordability of rides on the Uber network provide the residents of Uber-enabled cities with an important alternative to drunk driving. In a general purpose research effort, we looked at Seattle as an example city with the most readily available data and have estimated that Uber’s entry into a city caused the number of arrests for DUI to decrease by more than 10%.

UberDATA: New Data Quantifies Uber’s Impact on Chicago Drivers and the Local Economy

Uber’s operations in Chicago are generating significant economic activity while also giving drivers economic opportunity above the median hourly wage.

Chicago Driver Income Study

Investigating the opportunity that driving as a partner of uberX provides for residents of Chicago.

UberDATA: Uber’s Economic Impact on the City of Chicago

Uber’s operations in Chicago – connecting riders in need of transportation with drivers – generate significant economic activity and deliver expanded economic opportunities in the city.