Uber gets a royal welcome back to the Queen City

Since popping up in Charlotte for the DNC last September, tens of thousands of Charlotteans have opened their app and patiently awaited Uber’s return. Well, it’s official, Uber is here to stay in the Queen City! Charlotte is changing faster than the lights on the Duke Energy Building and it only makes sense that this city […]

Charlotte, uberX is Arriving Now and it is FREE!

Uber has been back in Charlotte for less than a week, bringing riders a stylish and reliable transportation option at just the tap of the Uber app! But with so much #UberLove already, we just couldn’t wait to offer Charlotteans the same amazing freedom of choice we offer riders in so many other Uber cities . . .

uberX is now in Charlotte and it’s FREE!

Charlotte, Your (Secret) Uber is Arriving Now

Charlotteans got a taste of Uber last year during the DNC, but we couldn’t wait to revisit the Queen City. Today the wait is finally over: secret Ubers are on the road in Charlotte!