uberX: Why We Drive Video

Whether you’re anxious to meet up with friends, or rushing to get to work on time, our uberX partners have your back. We asked the women and men behind the wheel to share a little bit about themselves and why they choose to run their businesses through Uber. Interested in becoming an uberX partner? [button linkurl=”https://partners.uber.com/signup/santa-barbara/p2p/?utm_source=blog&utm_campaign=sb_partners_00016″ […]

California Strawberry Festival Jam by Sweet Lady Cook

This weekend is the legendary California Strawberry Festival in Ventura County. Get ready to get your strawberry pickin’ on. Make sure to take an Uber to their designated shuttle stops— with over 50k people in attendance, parking will get sticky quickly.  But what will you do with all of those strawberries? We’ve teamed up with Sweet Lady […]

Tell Us Why Your Mom Is the Bomb!

Who is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year? Besides Uber, the lovely person you call mom! Tell us why your mom is the bomb for a chance to win her the ultimate Santa Barbara Mother’s Day package.

Cinco De Mayo Musica

Since the holidays are upon us we decided to treat you to some tunes! We hear these beats are best paired with some guac.