Kevin Love Shows his Love for Uber: Secret Ubers Take Over the Twin Cities

After a few weeks in the Twin Cities, Minnespolis and St. Paul, we now know why so many people choose to never leave the North Star State! From  the oooey gooey, but oh so yummy, Jucy Lucy, the corporate HQs of various Fortune 500 companies, and let’s not forget the Mall of America! Minneapolis and St. Paul are great places to live, and they just got a bit sweeter this week; secret UBERs were spotted circling the Target Center.

We never like to leave a friend hanging, so when TWolves Power Forward Kevin Love, needed a lift in downtown Minneapolis, the two-time NBA All-Star requested an Uber, adding Rider Zero to his countless achievements! His chauffeur Paul arrived quickly in his sleek Black SUV, and whisked Kevin away to an autograph signing.

Why the Twin Cities? I think you could answer that one…who likes being the DD for a night out at the Epic? Uber does! While we have not officially launched, many of you will be lucky enough to snag a ‘secret Uber’. Over the next few weeks we will be working to tweak our pricing, fleet, and supply during this ‘research’ phase.

So what are you waiting for? No need to brave through the chilly night on your way to dinner, get to your destination in style in an Uber near you. We’d love to hear your postive or ‘Minnesota Nice’ feedback, so shoot us a message at, and follow us on Twitter @Uber_MSP for the updates on when we’ve officially launched!

Warning: You may never want to drive again 😉

With (Kevin) Love,

Team @Uber_MSP



PS: We are looking for a Market Manager – check out for more details on the role!

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