It’s been a big week for Uber in China. On Wednesday we announced uberCOMMUTE in Chengdu, and today we’re excited to announce the public release of the Uber API in China. Empowering developers to build moving experiences using the Uber API is a key part of our mission of transportation as reliable as running water, […]

As we continue to build our teams across the hundreds of cities where we operate, the Bay Area remains our home. That is why we are thrilled to announce and celebrate that we are deepening our roots here and expanding our headquarters across the Bay to Oakland.

More People in Fewer Cars

Today, we’re excited to announce uberCOMMUTE, an entirely new product for drivers. It will launch in Chengdu, China — our number one city in the world. uberCOMMUTE enables drivers who commute longer distances to share the cost of the trip. It’s carpooling at the press of a button.

This week, three driver-partners from Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are taking over our Instagram account to show us why they drive. Jump in the front seat with them as they take us on an unforgettable ride.

#WhyIRide: Instagram Takeover

It’s riders’ turn. From New York to San Francisco, four photographers are showing us what makes their trips worthwhile.

$500 is Heading to 100 Lucky Drivers

We teamed up with our friends at MasterCard to reward partner Fuel Card holders with a $500 prize for putting their card into overdrive during the month of August. Check out the 100 winners!

The Effects of Uber’s Surge Pricing

Today, we are releasing a case study of how riders and drivers respond to surge. We looked at patterns during two examples in New York: one during a surge interruption on New Year’s Eve, and the other on the night of a sold-out-concert at Madison Square Garden, when surge worked as intended. We found that, without surge pricing, Uber is not really Uber — you can’t push a button and get a ride in minutes.

Uber Expands Partnership with SafetiPin to Enhance Safety Around the World

We are excited to announce an expanded global partnership with SafetiPin, a map-based mobile safety app that gives users tools to make safer and smarter decisions regarding where and when they travel throughout a given city. Uber enters this partnership in the spirit of helping enhance the safety of cities globally, including up to 50 cities in Africa, South America and Asia.

Celebrating the Parents Who Move Our Communities, In Every Way

Over the past few weeks as back-to-school season ramps up, Uber teams across the country hosted community events celebrating parents who drive with Uber, along with their families. Whether they drive most days, a few hours a week, or only now and then, the unique flexibility parents have with Uber can be a game changer.

Uber + HackingEDU: Gaining Momentum in Education

Back in March, we announced a partnership with the University of Maryland to support student-generated innovations. Today, we’re excited to expand that effort by teaming up with HackingEDU.