Your Uber Update Is Arriving Now

Don’t miss out on the latest Uber news — we’ve complied some highlights that are currently relevant to driver-partners across the country. Take a look, then get ready to hit the road soon!


Insurance That Moves You | Uber + Metromile


As ridesharing continues to grow in popularity, we are seeing insurance companies create innovative products to serve the needs of this evolving industry. We recently announced a partnership with Metromile, a company that has developed a personal auto insurance product specifically designed for rideshare drivers using the Uber platform.



Taxes Made Simple | Uber + H&R Block + Intuit


We’ve added a new feature to the partner dashboard that gives every partner access to their tax materials, and every partner will receive a 2014 tax summary from Uber along with the link to their 1099.




Life Behind the Wheel | Uber + Driver-Partners

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Driver-partners are using the Uber platform in many different ways, from earning a full-time income to supplementing their salaries at other jobs. The one commonality is that they are using it to support their families or the lives they are choosing to lead.