With Uber, Everyone Rides

The Uber platform was created to solve the challenge of getting a ride, whenever, wherever people need one.

Regardless of what a person looks like, their income, background, ability or where he or she might be going – the Uber app blindly provides ride reliability never before seen in transportation. Today, Uber is delivering rides at the touch of a button and within minutes, connecting riders to convenient, efficient and safe transportation options in over 170 cities around the world. The app’s features not only revolutionize the rider experience end-to-end, but have also improved “the quality of life for those who are regularly dissed by taxi drivers.”

Data Doesn’t Discriminate

In Chicago, 4 in 10 Uber rides start or end in underserved neighborhoods. In New York City, Uber does more trips to the outer boroughs than yellow taxis, period. In Boston, up to 35% of residents in outlying neighborhoods were previously unable to get a taxi within 20 minutes of a request – but since Uber’s arrival, service and reliability have improved dramatically across all Boston neighborhoods. The bottom line is that riders — all riders — can now count on Uber for reliable transportation close to home.

The reason is simple: The Uber platform solves for taxi underservice with core features that provide unprecedented accountability and transparency. The app works in a few key ways to ensure rides are connected blindly:

  • GPS Rules: When a rider makes a request, he or she is quickly matched with the closest available driver, based on GPS coordinates. It’s that simple.
  • Just The Basics: The driver only sees the riders’ location, first name and rating before pickup. Rider photos – an optional fun feature for users – are never seen through the driver app.
  • No Destination, No Problem: Riders have the option to enter their destination for a more seamless experience, but the destination is not visible to drivers until the rider is in the car and the trip has begun.
  • Accountability Always: Drivers are encouraged to accept trips whenever the app is on – any driver who routinely fails to accept rides will not be allowed to operate on the Uber platform.
  • Feedback Counts: At the end of every trip, riders are prompted to provide feedback on their experience to help maintain a high quality of service for every trip on the platform. The Uber team reviews and reacts to all feedback.
  • Total Transparency: Once a trip is accepted, the driver heads over to the pick-up location. During that time, riders can see the driver’s name, photo, license number, rating, and estimated time of arrival in real-time, through the Uber app.
  • No Confusion Over Cash: Upon arrival, the rider steps out and is automatically charged for the ride, receiving an email receipt with trip details including route and price details. Uber offers riders around the world several ways to set up billing for their Uber account, including credit card, PayPal, Google Wallet, Alipay and many more.

Constantly Innovating

Reliability and accountability are paramount to us at Uber, as is our commitment to serving all riders, no exceptions.  Effortless trip requests that ensure the highest quality and broadest possible service are just the beginning – every feature in the app is designed from the ground up to make your transportation experience simple, affordable and transparent. We’re committed to constantly improving our app to deliver more value to our riders and bettering the way people connect with their communities.