Why Riding uberPOOL Should be the New Fashion Week Trend


New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a busy time for Uber. Thousands of fashion insiders from all over the world flock to Manhattan to take part in the festivities. Lincoln Center is a zoo, downtown is a scene, and Ubers are, well, everywhere—bringing event-goers and party revelers from point A to point B. We’ve all read this season’s lists of Fashion Week hotspots, highlighting show venues, so-hot-right-now restaurants, and popular nightclubs.

This past September, the number of Uber trips to and from 6 hotspot event venues¹ alone increased by 420% compared to the previous week. Not only was everyone jetting between the same shows, but most were arriving and leaving at the exact same time. Realizing that thousands of people use Uber to travel between the same locations, at the same time, during this one week got us thinking:

What if everyone shared a ride?

With uberPOOL, our carpool option, riders are able to share their ride with another person traveling along a similar route. The concept is simple: Share the ride, share the cost of the trip. In some cases, you may not be opening your Uber app to request around same time as another rider (a rider who also happens to be going the same way). But when you think about NYFW—the scenario is a bit different. With so many trips happening between shows, your chances of being able to share your ride go way up.

Green circles mark 6 NYFW venues in September 2014. Left: Blue lines indicate trips ending or beginning at these venues the week before September NYFW. Right: Blue lines indicate trips ending or beginning at the same venues, during September NYFW. Trips to and from these 6 venues during NYFW in September increased by 420%. Created by Scott Dudgeon.

There are more benefits to riding uberPOOL than just cost savings. By sharing your ride, you’re reducing travel miles and traffic congestion.

When two people combine trips, that’s one less car on the road.

Looking back on the September 2014 Fashion Week, if only 50% of those traveling to or from the 6 highlighted venues shared a ride with uberPOOL, and if the average distance savings from those trips was 30%, it would save over 2.3 metric tons of CO2 emissions—approximately the total carbon footprint of an individual living in the NY Metro Area over the course of an entire year².

The below visual shows Fashion Week trips on Saturday, September 6th (left) versus decongestion and reduced traffic that could be achieved if half of riders shared their trip (right). Click on the lower right to expand the video view:

Created by Shan He and Scott Dudgeon.

 The 6 different colors are associated with trips starting or ending at the 6 Fashion Week venues (see below for the legend):

Eliminating one person’s yearly carbon footprint may sound like a small impact, but remember—this is only looking at 6 specific locations, during one particular week, in just one city. As we expand uberPOOL around the world, these same benefits could be achieved.

We envision uberPOOL as the start of not just cost savings, but distance savings. Fewer cars on the road traveling fewer miles will help further reduce the carbon footprint in our cities. Every week may not be New York Fashion Week, but every day you request Uber you have the choice to ride uberPOOL.

1. Milk Studios, Lincoln Center, Spring Studios, High Line Hotel, Pier 40, Pier 59

2. To give a better idea of what 2.3 metric tons of CO2 savings means, New York City released ~54 million metrics tons of CO2 in 2010, when it had a combined statistical area population of ~23 million people, for an average CO2 emissions of over 2.3 metric tons per person.

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