Why I Drive: Meet Charles, a Brooklyn-based Hip Hop Artist

Brooklyn-based Charles Toussaint (also know an Y.S.) has pursued his dream of becoming a successful hip-hop artist for the past 8 years. But a few months ago, his life changed dramatically when Toussaint welcomed his first child. According to Toussaint, this exciting new chapter called for a new occupation as he continues to chase his passion.


Photo credit of Charles: Saxon Baird

“My previous job was so time-consuming that I was unable to really make time for both my daughter and my music,” says Toussaint, who performs and records under the name Y.S. “I needed to find a different way to make money.”

Toussaint began to look for jobs that would offer him a more flexible schedule without taking a major pay cut—a difficult balance to find. Then he thought of partnering with Uber. Toussaint had first used Uber’s services a few years before in Los Angeles when he was scheduled to perform a show with his girlfriend Zoe Evans (who is also a promising music artist). Evans suggested they use Uber to get around the city.

Toussaint was impressed with how easy they were able to request a ride and began using the service in New York City. Fast-forward a few years later, and Toussaint thought Uber may be the perfect fit for his busy schedule as both an aspiring artist and a new father. He turned out to be right.

After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from a couple of his friends who drove with Uber, Toussaint applied and soon became a driver-partner himself. As it turns out, driving with Uber has made a major impact on Toussaint’s life.

“With Uber, I have the freedom to make my own schedule,” says Toussaint. “This is really important to me as a father and as an aspiring artist.”

Toussaint has also found driving with Uber inspiring. “In addition to making good money in a short amount of time, I also get to meet and connect with a lot of great people in city,” explains Toussaint. “It’s an experience I’ve never really had working with any other company.” Toussaint now has the scheduling flexibility and financial support to both provide for his growing family and pursue his dreams of inspiring people with a positive message.

“I want to create music that will help people further themselves in their lives,” Toussaint says. “Working with Uber is really helping me achieve this.”

Photo credit: Spiros Vathis

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