What to Expect from Turkey Day Travel

Bust out the college football, Turkey shredder and channel your patience for “family time” if you must. Whether you love it or hate it, Thanksgiving is-a-coming! Here are some of the travel forecasts and Thanksgiving stats according to AAA and TripAdvisor.

Who’s Going Where??

  • 72% of people are traveling out of state
  • 41% are traveling more than 500 miles
  • 12% are traveling internationally
  • An exceptionally high percentage of people will be opting to travel by car
  • Uber Tip: If you’re going anywhere this week/weekend, you’re not alone!

Peak Travel Dates

  • The busiest travel day will be Thanksgiving Day, with 35% of people planning to travel.
  • A further 28% will depart onWednesday, November 24.
  • Sunday, November 28 will be the busiest travel date for returning folk, with 26% planning to head back home. Monday, November 29 has a predicted 24% travel.
  • 30% percent of travelers will take extended time off from work over the holiday.
  • Uber Tip: Leave by Tuesday night if possible, and plan for traffic.

But What about the Economy???

  • TripAdvisor claims 68% said the economy has not impacted their Thanksgiving plans.
  • 15% intend to spend more money on Thanksgiving travel than in 2009, while 67% plan to spend the same, and 18% intend to cut down on costs.
  • Uber Tip: Get a really big Turkey, you only live once :)

Top Thanksgiving Activities

According to the survey Trip Advisor put out, the top activities people plan to take part in this Thanksgiving include:

  1. Watching football or holiday movies – 50%
  2. Dining out on Thanksgiving Day – 21%
  3. Touring the destination –  19%
  4. Seeing a show – 10%
  5. Attending or participating in a sporting event – 6%
  6. Uber Tip: Spend time with Family.

With Thanksgiving comes the busiest day of shopping of the year, Black Friday.

As if you didn’t wait long enough in the lines in the airport! Now there’s more lines to battle…

  • Target: Sales will begin at 4am (people camp out for this one, so be prepared…)
  • Walmart: While many are 24 hours, sales begin at 5:00am
  • Toys R Us: They’ll be off to an early start in the competition, beginning the super savings on Thanksgiving day at 10pm
  • Go to www.black-friday.net to see what some of the Black Friday deals are by store (Best Buy, Target, etc.) There’s also a wealth of Black Friday Apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry to help you find the best deals closest to you.

So there you have it! Travel safely and enjoy the festivities. Remember, if you happen to be in San Francisco for the weekend (or need a ride getting to the airport), Uber will be operating all weekend, including Thanksgiving! And, we’re still running our flat rate airport trips for $65 bucks between SFO & San Francisco in either direction!

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