What Thanksgiving Fail? UberEATS Tackles Turkey Troubles

Cooking the perfect Thanksgiving turkey is a lot of pressure. And despite valiant efforts and age-old recipes, many end up with a frozen, crispy, or dropped #ThanksgivingFail. And a dining room of (politely) disappointed friends and family.

Every year, the bravest of the brave share their not-so-successful turkeys online. And this year, knowing “take two” turkeys are hard to find, we wanted to be ready to respond. You know, just in case…

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Three UberEATS delivery partners—Kevin, Daemon, and Lyndon—kind enough to give up their Thanksgiving mornings, and two market partners—Goddess and Grocer and The Marketkind enough to prep beautiful turkeys, joined forces to fix the fails. Here’s a taste of what happened:

Thursday morning, Sandra’s turkey breast wasn’t quite turning out as she’d hoped. She tweeted us this shot from her Chicago kitchen:

Sharon's fail

It wasn’t long before Kevin and Goddess and Grocer came to the rescue with a ready-to eat bird, stuffed with all the goods.


Kevin also stopped by the home of sisters, Kendra and Nykila. With a house bustling with family and rambunctious little ones, a turkey shortage was not an option. So the sisters welcomed Kevin and their Goddess and Grocer bird with open arms. It just so happens that Kevin kept it all in the family–Kendra is a driver partner herself.

Kendra and Nykila, CHI

On the opposite coast, a great friend made Jenn and Charlie’s day turkey-ful after all. Fresh off of a turkey “mishap” last year, the Seattle couple was settling for bird-less Thanksgiving when a good friend caught wind of our turkey adventures. That friend asked us to bring them a bird and Daemon delivered.

IMG_0507 (2)

Meanwhile in San Francisco, Lyndon brought Kathleen, Anna, and Brenna a turkey spread from The Market. With families on the East Coast, the pals were hosting a Friendsgiving and making do with a chicken substitute. But as the afternoon wore on it became clear that Thanksgiving just didn’t feel like Thanksgiving without the turkey. It sure felt like Thanksgiving once Lyndon came through. 

IMG_0501 (1)      IMG_0504 (1)

After a morning of making turkey worries disappear, Goddess and Grocer and The Market made sure that Kevin, Daemon, and Lyndon had turkeys to bring home for their families to enjoy. No word on whether the birds were used to rescue fails of their own :)

       Kevin (Delivery Partner- Chi)

This year we’re thankful for all of our partners and the Thanksgiving brave who embraced a whole new kind of turkey delivery. Cook on, you brave turkey tacklers. UberEATS has your back.

To see what UberEATS is cooking up in your city this week, head to UberEATS.com