We support our partners, politicians support UBER


Much is often said in the media about Uber by existing players in this industry who would like to remove the economic opportunity for you as a driver and the choice of cost effective, reliable and safe transport for riders.Uber supports sensible regulations and is working closely with the Government and Taxi Services Commission on the issue. Sensible lawmakers are recognising the importance of ridesharing and calling for change:

Graeme Samuel AC Chairman, Victoria Taxi Services Commission

“The approach being taken by some governments to penalise Uber drivers and to penalise Uber itself, I think, I have to say to you, is doomed to fail. And the reason it’s doomed to fail is not because of the might and substance of Uber and those backing Uber, it’s rather the might and substance of the public.”

The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP, Member for Kooyong, Federal Assistant Treasurer

“Mobile technologies are emerging that compete with traditional taxi booking services and support the emergence of innovative passenger transport services. Any regulation of such services should be consumer-focused, flexible enough to accommodate technical solutions to the problem being regulated and not inhibit innovation or protect existing business models.”

Andrew Leigh MP, Shadow Assistant Treasurer and Shadow Minister for Competition

“Labor understands our goal as policymakers isn’t to pick winners by protecting some industries through regulation, or letting others gain an advantage from the lack of it. Our task is to set up a system that supports fair competition and then let consumers decide what best meets their needs and preferences.”

The Hon Matthew Guy MP, Leader of the Victorian Liberal Party
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“Uber is a great way of complementing our cab industry. It is not about replacing cabs – there will always be a cab industry here in Victoria, and a strong one. But Uber is about providing another service for Victorians to get around this fast growing city of Melbourne. It’s a great service providing more choice and opportunity for Victorians. Working with Uber is providing extra income for those, particularly over 50, who want to be a part of moving so many Melburnians around our growing city.”


Supporting our partners 100%, we are working closely with the TSC and various levels of government to ensure regulations provide for the safe, reliable, cost effective transportation that you offer in partnership with Uber.

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