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Last updated: 7 Dec 2015

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Warsaw or the “Phoenix City” is a master of reinvention. From the statuesque beauty of the palaces, royal gardens and grand parks to the ever-connected tech-savvy Warsawian, there are many layers to this timeless city. And now with the arrival of uberPOP, it’s time to reinvent the transportation game in Warszawa.

uberPOP is the cheap, fast, fun and reliable way to get around in Warsaw. uberPOP is an on-demand ridesharing service, where a nearby friendly driver is just minutes away at the tap of a button. By sharing the costs of your trip, riders get around town for less and drivers benefit from lightening the burden of car ownership.

Joanna Krupa Rider Zero

Joanna Krupa, a longtime Uber fan and the host of Poland’s Next Top Model got the first peek of uberPOP in Warsaw this morning. The “World’s Sexiest Top Model” and animal lover opened her app, requested a ride and just a few minutes later was on her way to a relaxing spa treatment.

New to uberPOP? Here are the most important things you need to know:

Who are the uberPOP drivers?

uberPOP drivers are independent individuals we’ve personally vetted and selected after putting them and their vehicle through a rigorous pre-screening process. You might just get driven around Warsaw by one of your friends!

How are the fares calculated?

The price of a ride is calculated based on the kilometers driven and the duration of the ride: zł 0.25 per minute and zł 1.40 per km. The minimum fare for a ride is zł 5. For more information on the fares, check out: uber.com/warsaw.

How can I order uberPOP?

Open the Uber app, and once you’ve confirmed your location, it just takes two taps to request a ride from the nearest driver. In the app, you can see the driver moving towards you in real-time.

New to Uber? Sign up in less than a minute, enter the promo code WAWLAUNCH and take your first ride is on us!  (up to zł 30 off, valid until 30/8/14)

So whether it’s getting to Teatr Narodowy for a fancy night out, a stroll around Plac Zbawiciela, or just grabbing a beer on the beach in Praga, Warsawians deserve and easy, cheap and fun way to get around their city, and uberPOP is here to deliver.

During our testing mode availability will be limited but we will be working hard to make more cars available whenever you want them and wherever you need them. Please do take a ride and share your experience with us on Twitter at @Uber_WAW or email at pomoc.warszawa@uber.com.

Dziękuję and Uber on,

Team Uber Warsaw


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