Valentine’s Day Winners! Tales from the Heart…

Warning: The following is rated obnoxiously adorable.

Happy V-Day!!!We recently held a contest to hook up a rider with a dozen roses and free Uber rides for his or her Valentine’s Day plans. Riders simply had to write to us with why their date deserved the V-day hookup OR why they were desperate for our help. We got tons of amazing responses. We decided to give two lucky winners the V-day hookup and the two runners up some credit love! Here are the 4 winning submissions.

Scott’s Ode to Marissa:

Why should I be selected? Well, actually for my babe, Marissa…Two reasons:

First, she recently got a job running a sales division at the Nordstroms up on Market but has a place down near the ballpark, and walks about a mile in total every day in her pumps…yeah she could wear sneakers and carry the pumps in a big purse, but that would require me to buy the new Louis Vuitton NeverFull bag she wants and that’s like $1,000…plus, she’s a fashion nutcase and says she has to look her best at all times…but her feet pay a price big time and have callouses the size of a toaster oven….Second, I’m 44, she’s 28(pic attached) and honestly by this Monday, I may not be able to walk around all of San Fran with my hip and legs…Uber would solve all of this and allow us to enjoy the day in style…once last thing, and I’m sure you’ve never heard this request before, can you please start stocking the back seats with a mini-bar???

*We’ll get going on that mini-bar…

Eric’s Love Letter to Sharlene:

This is going to be an epic Valentine’s day! For as long as I can remember, every vday in the past has just been “another day.” Anyone who knows me has always known me to be the “single” guy. In fact, I’ve been content being single for as long as I can remember. This year is different though–I have an amazing girlfriend Sharlene to share it with! So what’s so amazing about this girl you might ask? Well, she’s smart, funny, levelheaded, and always up for adventure (in fact, we’ll be backpacking in Big Sur this weekend). Aside from these cliche traits, Sharlene is one of the most optimistic can-do personalities that I’ve ever known and it’s this trait that draws me to her the most. When I’m around her the world feels a little brighter and I constantly find myself thanking the heavens that I met her (we met at a baptism and our first date was rock climbing at mission

In order to experience my first valentine’s day there’s a bit of driving that needs to be done. I’ll be driving back and forth from Big Sur this weekend, then back to Sacramento on Sunday night, then to San Francisco Monday after work, then back to Sacramento Monday after Valentine’s day. Seeing as there is a lot of back and forth driving going on, I’d like the transportation on Valentine’s to be as amazing as Sharlene is.

Uh-dorable. Congrats guys! Enjoy tonight :)


And our two runners up got a little ride love as well. Here are Jon and Nicolas’ stories:

Jon’s 5 Reasons:

Reason #1: She is surprising ME on Valentine’s Day 
Reason #2: She has surprised me in the past by taking me to 1) a Kid Rock concert and 2) an Iron Maiden concert (not her favorites, to say the least). That’s true love. 
Reason #3: She is from Wisconsin and wore cheese wedge earings in support of the Packers on Sunday. Of course, she loves beer and brats. 
Reason #4: Her birthstone is diamonds and she only reminds me of that every couple of months. 
Reason #5: She really loves Uber.

Nicholas’ plea from the doghouse…In the Name of Love:

Help me, I’m in hot water. My girlfriend recently moved back to the East Bay because her parents stopped helping her pay for college and as a result, she could no longer afford her rent and her college tuition. Though we have been unofficially together since 2008, I couldn’t bring myself to take the plunge and move in with her. Now she commutes to the city five days a week, sometimes more if she stays the night with me. Did I mention we moved on the same weekend into new houses, though I moved instead into a sweet bachelor pad with my two friends while she left her favorite city in the rearview mirror? Salt on the wounds doesn’t even come close to how she felt.

As if this wasn’t enough, we went to see one of our favorite bands on her last night in the city, hoping to sort of put all the stress behind us (mostly hers) and not think about the difficulty we were going to face by living in different towns. The night was a disaster. I got too drunk and pissed off about something so stupid, I don’t even remember what it was, and ended up leaving without saying anything to her. WE WERE WITH ANOTHER COUPLE! I did not leave her alone, but alas I did leave her to enjoy our favorite band as the third wheel on her last night in San Francisco. She didn’t talk to me for a week, and I deserved it. I’m taking popping her Alcatraz cherry this Valentine’s Day which she has been anting to do FOREVER! Please help me get back into the good graces of an amazing woman who would put up with the shenanigans I’ve described in the name of love.

She deserves this. Me? Not so much.

**Happy 14th everyone! Uber will have loads of cars on tonight to make San Francisco a city of love on wheels and keep you and your lovebird out of the rain!

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