UberEATS gift ideas for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there. This year whether you are in a relationship or even if you’re single, we’ve got you covered when it comes to gifts, dinner and dessert.

Have some chocolates delivered to work, order some ice-cream to sweeten date night, or if you haven’t secured a date this year…why not treat yourself and order from one of your favourite Perth restaurants?

Looking to spoil someone special? Here’s a few options available in the UberEATS app.

MOP Donuts

With a vast array of all your favourite flavours, including Espresso Martini,  MOP Donuts are a gift that donut lovers will receive kindly. Valentine’s Day only comes once a year so feel free to indulge in your guilty pleasures! 

Superstar Waffles 

Just try and say no to warm mixed berry compote, topped with toasted muesli crumble and topped with maple syrup and fresh cream. Yes, Superstar Waffles lives up to its spectacular name and you’ll be a superstar for ordering some for that special somebody.

Gusto Gelato

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there is nothing quite like the traditional mix of strawberries and chocolate. If this year, it’s gelato you seek, then look no further than a tub of strawberry and dark chocolate chip gelato from Gusto Gelato

San Churro 

This is one for the truly decadent chocolate lovers. San Churro has may rich chocolate dishes, but it is the aptly named Death By Chocolate that takes the cake! Spoil a loved one with a slice of this, but be warned!

Browse the UberEATS app this Valentine’s Day to find sweets or dinner.

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