5 UberEATS Valentine’s Day Date Hacks

Love is all you need but there is an old saying that (more or less) says, “The fastest way to someone’s heart is through his or her belly.” In that spirit, here are some fun ways UberEATS can help you win your love’s heart deliciously this Valentine’s Day.

Breakfast in bed
Start the day of romance off right with an indulgent breakfast in bed, delivered by UberEATS so you can get some extra snuggle time in, of course. Donuts, muffins, his or her favorite Eggs Benedict from that place that always has a mile-long line—the choice is yours, you thoughtful sweetheart, you.

Workday surprise
Flowers are so yesteryear. Surprise the object of your affection by sending your love’s favorite food or a romantic treat to their office or place of work. Don’t forget to include your Valentine’s phone number in the “delivery instructions” section so the UberEATS delivery partner can call when the treat arrives, and be sure to give your sweetheart a heads up that something special is on the way, so they’re available to accept your token of love. Bonus points: Your Valentine will be the envy of all his or her coworkers.

Picnic in the park
If you’re lucky enough to have great weather wherever you are on Valentine’s Day, take advantage and plan a romantic picnic at his or her favorite place in the city—a park, the place you first laid eyes on each other, a local spot with a skyline view—anywhere that features a whole lotta sky full of sunshine or stars. Pack a blanket and some candles, we’ll bring his or her favorite bites to enjoy.

After dark
A simple, classic and super-intimate way to spend Valentine’s Day is to avoid loud, crowded restaurants. Cuddle up at home with some candles and tunes, and have UberEATS deliver your favorite romantic dinner. Best of all, after you dine, you’ll have more time for cuddling since you won’t have to scrub any pots and pans.

From afar
Even if you and the one you love can’t be together, you can enjoy a dreamy date night dinner, complete with all the trimmings, like flowers, cloth napkins, music and a little help from your smartphone. UberEATS has the recipe right here:


UberEATS is available in 50+ cities–so we’re likely to be in yours. Open your UberEATS app or visit our website and let us help make sparks fly this Valentine’s Day.

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