FAQs for uberHOP

Friday, August 19 was the last day of service for uberHOP in Seattle. After running this pilot for over 7 months, we’ve learned a ton that will shape how we design and develop our carpooling option—uberPOOL. Since April, many Seattleites have been relying on uberPOOL for an affordable, door-to-door commute. By making it easy and affordable for commuters to carpool, we hope to get more people into fewer cars and help reduce congestion and pollution in Seattle.

uberHOP is a new transportation option that lets you share your ride with fellow commuters for a flat fare. You can select the route closest to you and be picked up in an SUV by one of our uberHOP driver partners.

We’ve answered some of the most common questions we anticipate below. If you have additional questions, please connect with us.

How does it work?

uberHOP is similar to our other options, with few key differences:

  • Pickup and dropoff spots are predetermined, as are routes
  • Each route is direct, with only one pickup spot and one dropoff spot
  • Riders must walk to pickup spots
  • The cost per trip varies depending on your route
  • Since we want to be courteous to other riders, your driver will only wait the scheduled time provided in the app
  • You won’t be able to contact your driver to make alternative arrangements

Why isn’t uberHOP showing up in the app?

If you have trouble loading the routes, you’ll need to update to the latest version of the app. You can also try closing and re-opening the app.

When and where is it available?

Current routes:

  • Ballard <-> Downtown or South Lake Union
  • Fremont <-> South Lake Union
  • Wallingford <-> Downtown
  • Capitol Hill <-> Downtown or South Lake Union
  • Upper Queen Anne <-> South Lake Union
  • Lower Queen Anne <-> Downtown

To find the closest pickup spot, open the app and select the uberHOP option.

uberHOP operates Monday to Friday from 7am-10am and 4:30pm-7:30pm. Don’t see your commute route included? Tweet your suggestion @Uber_SEA with the hashtag #uberHOP.

What is the cost?

Trip pricing varies from $3.75 – $5 depending on the route. Check your app for the info.

Does surge pricing apply?

Nope! Surge pricing won’t apply to uberHOP trips.

What kind of car will I get?

We’ll always dispatch the largest available vehicle. Don’t worry, you won’t be in a clown car.

How frequently do uberHOP trips depart from pickup spots?

No longer than 15 minutes after you request, but in most cases much sooner.

What if I miss my uberHOP?

Request again and catch the next one. You won’t be charged a cancellation fee.

How are my co-riders chosen?

Co-riders are matched according to the routes they select in the app.

Can I ride with friends?

If you want to ride with a friend, make sure they request their own seat on uberHOP in the app.

Can I ride with pets?

We ask that you don’t bring pets (except service animals, of course).

Can I bring luggage?

Yes, you can bring luggage. But please allow room for your co-riders and their belongings in the vehicle.

Can I change my pickup or dropoff destination?

No, because pickup and dropoff spots are predetermined. uberHOP is available in Seattle along these routes

  • Ballard <-> Downtown or South Lake Union
  • Fremont <-> South Lake Union
  • Wallingford <-> Downtown
  • Capitol Hill <-> Downtown or South Lake Union
  • Upper Queen Anne <-> South Lake Union
  • Lower Queen Anne <-> Downtown

What happens if I cancel?

When you request uberHOP, you’re making a commitment to both your co-riders and the driver. Cancellations put a damper on both of their experiences, so please don’t leave them hanging.

How do I report issues?

Respond to your receipt or visit help.uber.com. With any new offering, it takes a bit of time to get things running smoothly. Your feedback will help us provide the best possible experience.

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