UberEATS Feature: Food and Sh*t

Local baker Chera Amlag and her husband George Quibuyen make quite the pair. Chera, owner of the online bakery Hood Famous Bakeshop, is known for her delicious purple Ube cheesecakes. As for George? He also goes by the name Prometheus Brown as part of the Blue Scholars rap duo. When they’re not baking or making music, they are running pop-up dinners as Food and Sh*t, introducing Seattleites to Asian Pacific cuisine.

Like we said, they’re a fascinating couple. We’re thrilled to feature Food and Sh*t on EATS this week, as well as Chera’s famous Ube cheesecake. Until you can taste the deliciousness for yourself, read about the food they make, the music that inspires them, and how they came upon their unique and awesome name.

That name… What’s the story?

The menu titles for our first few pop-up dinners were tied to a main dish we knew we wanted to serve, plus a bunch of other dishes we weren’t sure about until after we had announced the dinner. “Gumbo and Sh*t” was an early offering, and by our third dinner, we decided to expand the title concept to the whole project. Also, we wanted a name that reflected our mission to bring people of various communities together. And what are the first two things we often learn about other cultures? Food and curse words!

George (AKA Prometheus), you’re a busy fella. Blue Scholars, Rappers with Camera, The Bar AND Food and Sh*t — how do you stay sane with such a packed schedule?

In all these endeavors, I’m not creating alone, nor does the vision or execution rest solely on me. Each of the projects is collaborative. I’m blessed to have amazing partners to work with, who themselves are also working on other projects, understanding that it’s all a matter of balance.

Your interests are diverse, what is it about food that inspired this pop-up project?

I’ve always been interested in cooking and sharing meals, seeking new dining experiences, and the politics and economics of the food industry. Filipino food in particular. The pop-up is the most recent project that’s evolved from experiences Chera and I have had being raised in families that spent lots of time in the kitchen, as well as hosting dinners with our friends and cooking for others at community meetings and events.

What’s your favorite thing about introducing more people to Asian Pacific Cuisine?

I believe food can be a great entry point for many people to learn more about other cultures–beyond food. Although the experience of having a memorable meal is awesome itself, I’m also inspired by the possibility that an appreciation for a culture’s food may lead to an exploration of the history and the community from where the food originated.

What’s your favorite song to cook to?

Different dishes call for different types of music, but sometimes when I’m in the middle of a long prep session, I’ll put on Queen’s “Under Pressure.” It has the weird effect of getting me amped and relaxed at the same time.

What goes best with the sweet tunes of Freddie Mercury? Coconut Chicken Adobo and Ube Cheesecake, of course. Request tomorrow to experience Food and Sh*t for yourself.

Happy eating.

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