Tell the City Council to save uberX!

Seattle, your City Council is voting at 2 p.m. to dismantle uberX. By restricting uberX to 150 cars, this law will deal a devastating blow to uberX by forcing a vast majority of the almost 1,000 active drivers off of the system. Once enforced, uberX will be instantly unusable for tens of thousands of riders.

Get to the petition to learn more about the situation.

CALL Councilmember Clark 206-684-8802 and tell her to SAVE uberXSEA!

CALL Councilmember O’Brien 206-684-8800and tell him to SAVE uberXSEA!

Why is uberX important to Seattle?
uberX is far more reliable and higher quality than Seattle’s taxis

  •     uberX is 30% cheaper than a taxi!
  •     In just under a year uberX has created almost 1,000 jobs for Seattle’s immigrant and driver community
  •     uberX saves lives by keeping drunk drivers off of the road

The astonishing thing about these points is that our city council won’t dispute them. It’s far better for tens of thousands of riders, a far better living for almost 1,000 drivers and generally makes quality of life in the city better for its residents.

It was hard for us to believe that an elected body would choose to limit availability of the most affordable ground transportation service in the city while putting almost 1000 drivers out of work — but the goal is essentially to protect a taxi industry that has significant experience in influencing local politicians. They want to make sure there is no viable alternative to a taxi in Seattle, and so today, the Seattle City Council is going to formalize that principle into law.

We need to let them know that this isn’t right. Passing an anti-competitive law will reduce transportation options for Seattle’s citizens, and significantly reduce jobs and income for drivers.

Take Action 


If each of us writes or calls our Seattle Councilmembers, we could make an impact on this law. What are we asking for?


You can sign the petition HERE. Below are the City Council members’ contact info if you’d like to call/write them directly. Contact as many of them as possible!

Sally Clark – 206-684-8802 – – 

Councilwoman Clark runs the transportation committee and was the driving force behind this legislation. She has been convinced by the taxi industry that protectionism is good. Call her and let her know that this legislation is unacceptable – Seattle citizens over taxi cronies! Innovation over Protectionism! Do not pass the Ridesharing Ordinance!

Mike O’Brien – 206-684-8800 – – 

Councilman O’Brien fashions himself as a friend of the techies. Someone from the taxi industry has gotten to him and he now has decided that protecting the taxi industry is more important than promoting innovation and more important than creating jobs for Seattle’s immigrant community. Seattle citizens over taxi cronies! Innovation over Protectionism! Do not pass the Ridesharing Ordinance!

Other council in favor of shutting down uberX:
Bruce Harrell –  206-684-8804 – – 

Jean Godden – 206-684-8807 – – 

Kshama Sawant – 206-684-8016 – – 

Nick Licata – 206-684-8803 – –

Also contact the Mayor, he has not taken a strong stance in support of uberX:

Ed Murray – 206-684-4000 – – 

Councilmembers that deserve our thanks:

Sally Bagshaw – 206-684-8801 – – 

Tim Burgess – 206-684-8806 – – 

Tom Rasmussen –  206-684-8808 – 

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