Meet the Women of Uber PNW – #WomenMoveUs

This week, in honor of International Women’s Day, we are featuring the women that make up our community. From partner drivers, to riders, to staff, we want to highlight the stories of the women in our city. If you have yet to meet any of the women from the Uber PNW team, read on to learn how they landed at Uber, and what makes them tick.

Yuki, 29, Driver Operations Manager

Her Word: Sporadic

Chelsea, 28, Marketing Manager

Her Word: Stubborn

Jen, 32, Senior Marketing Manager

Her Word: Loud

Anita, 28, Marketing Manager

Her Word: Determined

Brooke, 32, General Manager

Her Word: Feisty

Hanna, 27, Marketing Manager

Her Word: Calm

Who is a female leader in your life? 

Brooke: Definitely my mom. She had various struggles in her life but always put my sister and I first. And my sister, she is a model of the kind of person that everyone wants to be. She’s extremely selfless, and cares about everyone around her. She would give up everything to make other people happy, and I think everyone could learn something from that.

Yuki: My friends, I have been very lucky to curate a group of exceptionally talented women in my life. Not only have they kicked a** doing their day jobs but they have not let that stop them from doing what they really love.

Hanna: My grandmother. She’s blind, and raised her five children as a single mother after the Korean war. They lived in poverty, and she found a way to send all of her children to college. She’s the nicest, most joyous person that I know.

What defines a powerful woman?

Chelsea: Confidence and independence. It’s moving through life knowing that you’ve got this, and that you can tackle whatever comes at you with your head held high.

Brooke: Someone that has control of their life and steers it in the direction that they want. It’s to be strong in your opinions and where you stand in life, and not let any one get in your way.

Jen: Taking any situation that you’re in and making it work for you in a very positive way.

Why Uber?

Brooke: It’s been a few years since my first trip and the reason I took it was because I couldn’t get a taxi. I had a blackberry and had to text it in, very old school. But after that first time it was really the accountability, reliability, and the drivers that made me want to use the product. And then when the job opened up, it was a no brainer. It is changing the face of transportation, which is revolutionary.

Yuki: In addition the hype of the fun and crazy things, you get to meet these people and make relationships and change lives. After 12 hours of work, you get to go home and know you helped some one. We have the brains to help even more people, and that’s inspiring.

Anita: I had read and heard that Uber was filled with passionate people, and being here has shown me that. I’ve never met so many passionate and determined people, all in one place.

What do you love about working with other strong women?

Brooke: We’re a diverse team, and that brings a unique outlook to the office. Every one’s strengths are so different, which produces creative products and ideas. We learn from everything that we do. It’s pretty amazing to work in a group of people that all have very strong opinions, but we all focus on teamwork instead of self-gratification.

Jen: I love the fact that we all bring something to the table, and we’re all confident about it. There is no nonsense, and we get stuff done. I always feel very supported, knowing that I have a resource to turn to when I need it.

Anita: It’s great to learn from other strong women. Through examples or asking questions, I definitely look up to that. It motivates me.

What career advice would you give other women?

Chelsea: Women make great leaders. We are capable, smart, talented and driven. We have as much of a right as men to be in leadership roles, and we should be there. My advice? Just go for it.

Yuki: There’s no right answer. A strong woman is not defined by their title. Mother’s are some of the strongest women we’ve talked about. As long as you love what you do, it’s the right choice. Do what you want.

Anita: Be strong and determined to do whatever you want to do. We come across of a lot of criticism and we’re told we can’t. But stay strong and be determined. As a woman of color, those two things have always been a driving force for me.

How are you going to celebrate International Women’s Day?

Hanna: I’m going to call my grandma and my mom and tell them I love them and appreciate them.

Brooke: We should all take a moment and be thankful for the fact that we can have these conversations, and that we are in the workforce. As a 32 year old woman 70 years ago, there weren’t many options and it was very difficult to take on a path of independence.

Jen: I’ll call my mom and sister. My cats are girls, so I’m going to hang out with them.

Chelsea: I’m going to brunch with a bunch of my lady friends to celebrate each other. And hopefully take my grandma to tea.

Yuki: With pancakes. It’s a celebration, do what you want!

Anita: All of the above. It’s going to be a full day.

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