Half Priced Uber Rides in Seattle? Thank You Viaduct!


As we all know the Viaduct has been the talk of the town for…well, what seems to be forever. And, now is the time when the WSDOT is starting the first phase of work on the deep bore tunnel. What does this mean for Seattle? The roads are going to be Viafuct.

Reports are flooding in from all the major news outlets telling us that this closure is going to cause city streets into FUBAR mode.  So, dear Uberers, we are going to hook you up with 50% off all of your Monday – Thursday Uber commute rides to ease your road rage.

The Good

  • From Monday October 24th – Thursday October 27th you’re going to get 50% off all your Uber rides. Yes, all of your Uber rides.
  • All you have to do is enter the promotional code “FUBAR” into your Uber app before your ride. Then say, “Holy CRAP this is a great offer!”
  • You can take twice as many Uber rides!

The Bad

  • We are expecting to be extra busy during these dates, so bear with us.
  • If your ride takes a bit longer, remember it’s not the drivers fault. Shake your fist in the direction of the Viaduct.
  • If you request a car and none are available. Check back in a few minutes, we’ll be picking up people all night.

To earmark this special occasion the WSDOT will be throwing a special event on October 22nd; just for those of you who can’t stay away from a good construction party. The rules don’t state this, but we’d like to remind you: Don’t jump up and down! There’s a reason this baby is being taken down. The party animals at the WSDOT also created this informative and very scary video simulating what would happen to the Viaduct during an earthquake.

What other construction project has horror movies, rockin’ parties, and half off Uber rides? We haven’t had this much fun since that one time when we imploded the Kingdome.

Just remember to put the promo code “FUBAR” into your Uber app!

And, a few bits of fine print:

  • Only valid during time of promotion: 6:00 AM Monday, October 24th – 8:00 PM Thursday, October 27th.
  • Only valid if you enter the promo code before your ride.
  • Maximum discount at $50.
  • Not valid on trips outside of the Seattle city limits.
  • Not valid on flat rate airport trips.
  • Not valid with any other offer.





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