Celebrating International Women’s Day

This Saturday March 8th is International Women’s Day!

To celebrate this awesome day, we decided to feature some of the amazing women that we are lucky enough to partner with here in Seattle!

We love our lady partner-drivers and we are incredibly honored to be doing our small part to empower these entrepreneurs.  So the next time you request a car and receive a woman driver make sure you give her a high five! 🙂



In Addition to Uber

I’m driving uberX as full time. This is my source of income right now. Before uber I was cashier, waitress and food delivery driver.

How Uber as changed my Life

After I started driving for uber, I let go of my other jobs because driving uberX is better than doing three jobs. I’m making triple the amount that I used to make from three jobs and it’s flexible. I can do it any time.

Tips for other Women Entrepreneurs 

uberX changed my life big time. I love doing this. Thank you, Uber.


In Addition to Uber

A PhD student, a Writer, a Community Volunteer

How Uber as changed my Life

Like most women, I’ve got a lot of hats to juggle.  Before finding Uber, I was working in a very high-stress social work position while also working on my Ph.D. in Nonprofit Management through online courses, and raising my 6 year old daughter Rory by myself.  I was exhausted, both by everything in my life and by the demands of my job, yet I was still not able to meet my basic expenses. I quit my job and started driving full time.  For the first time ever, I am able to take my daughter to school, pick her up, take days off when she is sick or to go on field trips with her.  The freedom I’ve received from partnering with Uber has been an amazing gift and allows me to continue to develop my skills and interests and to pursue my dreams.  I’m currently in the process of launching my own online business, a writing community and networking platform for writers, called The Scribblers Guild.  Once it gets off the ground, I plan to start development plans to open a nonprofit organization of my own.  Driving for Uber, I know I can continue to develop these businesses while also bringing in a steady income.

Tips for other Women Entrepreneurs 

I remember wondering if starting my own business was too big of a risk, as a female and a mother, as someone who had other people I had to care for.  But I was wrong, and I’m glad I didn’t listen to myself or others around me cautioning me that self-employment was too risky.  Taking your finances and time into your own hands allows freedom and the ability to find true balance in life.  It is possible to be present for your family, to be responsible and financially stable, to pursue your dreams, and find time for yourself, all at the same time.  What I would tell other women now is that entrepreneurship is a way to truly be able to have it all in life.


What do you do in addition to Uber? or What did you do before Uber?

Uber is a great bridge. I’m between jobs and looking to find steady employment. In the meanwhile I drive uberX and run a business selling mini-donuts at fairs, festivals and farmer’s markets. I love that Uber gives me the flexibility to work around my event dates and times. If you see Sun Spot Mini Donuts at a Greater Seattle event, come on up – they are delicious.

Before uberXing I worked selling small kitchen appliances at a retail store. With Uber I get the great customer interaction that I enjoyed in retail without standing on my feet for 8 hours at minimum wage.

How has Uber changed your life?

Uber has removed the stress of requiring me to get income, now, to pay for my car and other bills. And it will allow my husband and I to take a vacation without counting every penny.

What tips would you offer to other female entrepreneurs?

Let me tell you how great Uber is. Since we don’t deal with cash, it is much safer than being a taxi driver. You know the name of your customer and your location and the routing you took is available through the Uber system. I still keep my eyes and ears open, though I feel safe throughout the city at all hours of the day.

Of course, as with any business you still need to do the paperwork. Track miles and time, including those without passengers. Track your expenses, including your cell phone. And save money to pay taxes, because taxes never go away.



What do you do in addition to Uber? 

In an addition to uber I’m a full time student, before Uber I drove public transportation.

How has Uber changed your life? 

Uber has given me a freedom that no other job has.

What tips would you offer to other female entrepreneurs? 

Women who have chosen driving as their profession should seriously consider Uber.


What do you do in addition to Uber? 
I produce film and photography projects. With my husband we’ve created imagery for businesses for over 20 years. Most of those years Patrick Bennett Photo|Motion has had great success producing ads and other marketing imagery. Unfortunately our industry was hit by a perfect storm in the past few years, the recession being just one element. So now it’s catch-up time. Driving for uberX allows me to fill in the financial blanks as my schedule permits. I love meeting and talking with people from all walks. And the schedule flexibility allows me to pursue my real passion.

How has Uber changed your life? 
I can’t think of a better way to make a significant income on a schedule that suits my life. It’s put me in the driver’s seat (ha!) in pursuit of financial freedom. Having options changes everything.

What tips would you offer to other female entrepreneurs? 
Being in control of your time and income is empowering. You need to research what your tax obligations are in your area. Keep good records on mileage and payments. You really are running your own business. I find the system safe, but make yourself aware so that you feel safe as a driver too. My daughter is a student and she’s considering driving for uberX also.

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