A New Pickup And Dropoff Zone at Husky Stadium

This Friday, September 30, enter promo code HOMESAFEUW and get 50% off* any uberX or uberPOOL trips that start or end near campus between 3:30pm and 3am the next day.

Heading to Husky Stadium this fall? We’ve got you covered. This year, we’ve set up a special pickup and dropoff zone near the stadium, so it’s easier than ever to catch a safe, reliable ride.

How it works:

  • After the game, head out to Husky Stadium toward the pedestrian overpass, across from Alaska Airlines Arena
  • Cross the pedestrian overpass and follow the Uber pickup zone signs up 3 flights of stairs
  • Make your request at E Stevens Way NE when you’re at the Uber pickup zone and wait for your driver there
  • When your driver arrives, confirm their name and license plate, and enjoy your ride
seattle_husky-football_screenshot-msg seattle_husky-football_screenshot-pickup

Now all you need are your foam fingers and your best purple and gold. We’ll see you at the game!

*limited to $10 per trip total redemption value

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