Uber Houston Salutes its Veteran Partners

As the 4th of July nears, Uber Houston is taking a moment to celebrate our partners who have served this country. We’re proud to partner with many veterans from the Bayou City.

We’re also excited to bring our partnership with Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America to Houston, creating more economic opportunities for hundreds of thousands of veterans who have protected and served our nation.

We’d like to introduce you to a few of our veteran partners – and we hope you’ll join us in saying “thank you.”

William N.

Photo 1 William A. Newsom

Age: 62

Hometown: Houston, TX

Military Service: Captain, US Air Force, 1980 – 1986

Uber Partner Since: February 2014

Fun Fact: My birth date of September 14 was the very first birth date drawn in the very first military draft lottery.

My role as an officer was in leadership and management and learning how to develop people to the best of their potential and abilities. Everything I’ve learned in how to deal with people transfers over into what I do driving with uberX. I love meeting people, and I love learning more about the city as I’m driving.

Troy B.

Age: 48

Hometown: Houston, TX

Military Service: Specialist, United States Army, 1985-1992

Uber Partner Since: April 2014

Fun Fact: I’m an avid golfer!

I wanted to make some extra money so I joined Uber. Being able to pick my times and the days I want is a big plus – working at night time has been perfect for me so far.

William H.

williamhAge: 28

Hometown: Houston, TX

Military Service: Corporal C4, United States Marine Corps, 2006-2010

Uber Partner Since: April 2014

Fun Fact: Love taking my 10-month old son to the park.

I  was one of the ones who volunteered for everything and went everywhere – my first tour was in Japan in Okinawa, and then I spent time in Iraq before going back to North Carolina. I love traveling and I’ve learned about a lot of new places in Houston while earning extra money.

Phillip C.

philipcAge: 51

Hometown: Parsippany , NJ

Military Service: Petty Officer Second Class, United States Navy, 1982-1991

Uber Partner Since: March 2014

Fun Fact: Love watching movies and bowling with my kids.

When you actually see the world, it’s like ‘wow.’ While serving in Guam, I found the people are very easy going and very friendly. When I moved to Houston, I figured Uber is a way for me to learn the city more and get the feel for what Houstonians are like. I’ve also found some very friendly and helpful people in Houston, and I wouldn’t have had the chance of meeting them if I did not partner with Uber.


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