Uber Does Dallas

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Uber Dallas. In a city where style matters and where time is money, Uber is excited to help improve how Dallasites get around the heart of Texas.

They don’t call Dallas “Big D” for nothing. This city is defined by a deep sense of commerce, with office towers sprouting from every offramp and alien spaceships that double as football stadiums. But, with an established philanthropic community and burgeoning art scene, Dallas is more than just business. It’s home to noted art collections, sculpture gardens and some of the largest philanthropy events in the nation.

The next time you head to a big business meeting or charity event, don’t worry about circling for that elusive open parking space, climbing garage ramps in your Sunday best or scrounging for singles to pay the valet. Just request an Uber minutes before you need to leave and let us handle the details. Before you know it a slick, black car will be outside ready to whisk you away.

Style and Grace

When not making or raising money, Dallasites enjoy the good life. #UberDallasLove is taking over the nightlife scene from Uptown to Deep Ellum. Bottom line: leave your keys at home, ride in style and continue Texas Two Steppin’ ‘til the cows come home.

And how could we forget about football? Despite owner Jerry Jones’ eccentric nature and highly questionable personnel moves (Roy Williams anyone?), Dallas still loves the Cowboys. A Super Bowl has eluded this city for 16 seasons and enough is enough. If Dez Bryant’s handlers are reading, give us a call! Uber can get Dez home before curfew.

Seriously, who wants to pay $90 to park in Arlington, or wait 4 hours after the game for a taxi back home? Request a ride at the end of the fourth quarter and learn why Uber is the true MVP.

An Unmet Need

Let’s face the facts. Dallas has made strides to improve public transportation, but it still only serves a fraction of the city. While Texans may live in their cars, Dallas has a high DWI track record and airports/stadiums are miles away. Choose Uber for a professional driver, a taste of the good life, and peace of mind.

Back in the day, The Ewing family characterized this city as a simple place full of oil and cattle. Uber wants to help show off what Dallas has become, a cosmopolitan city that will always keep its’ Texas charm. We’re excited to be a part of the next phase of Dallas’ growth!

Keep in touch with @Uber_Dallas and let us know how we’re doing at SupportDallas@Uber.com.

God Bless Texas,

Team Uber Dallas

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