Trips for Treats!

Halloween, the one day of the year where you can do, say and dress however you please and blame it on the holiday  (all whilst eating as much candy as the fat kid inside of you desires). Yes, it truly is a magical time of the year and though it may be socially unacceptable to knock on strangers’ doors to ask for candy (props to you if you still do), we still think everyone still deserves a celebratory treat!

So in honor of this spooktacular weekend, we’ve decided to get in the holiday spirit with Trips for Treats! We’ve decked out a few of our SUV’s in Halloween attire and requesters who are lucky enough to get picked up in these vehicles will not only arrive in style to their destination, but they will also receive a $50 Uber gift certificate (while supplies last).  No tricks here, just treats!


You have questions? We have answers:


How do I request one of these Halloween rides?

* Unless you have a magic genie who can work some magic, they will be assigned at random


Does everyone in the car get a gift certificate?

* We love y’all… but not that much. Only the person who requested the vehicle will get the $50 gift certificate


What if we fare split?

* Sharing is caring, but once again, only the requester will get the gift certificate


When is this happening?

* Today (Friday )at 5pm – Sunday at 2am


If I request one of the Halloween cars will I definitely get a gift certificate?

* Until supplies last! Ride stealers beware though, if you decide to jack someone else’s car you will be chased out by our on-demand werewolves.


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Saddle Up, Uber On.


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