Surge Pro Tips

A question we often hear is, “what is surge pricing?” Take a seat–we’re about explain surge pricing and provide you with a few pro tips to keep in mind, when you run into surge pricing while you’re riding around.

What is surge pricing?

Our goal is to be as reliable as possible in connecting you with a driver whenever you need one. At times of high demand, like right after a big event, the number of drivers we can connect you with becomes limited. As a result, prices increase to encourage more drivers to become available.

We take notifying you of the current pricing seriously. To that end, you’ll see a notification screen in your app whenever there is surge pricing. You’ll have to accept these higher rates before we connect you to a driver.

Pro Tips:

Run a Fare Estimate:

Find out roughly what your trip will cost before you request. Just set your pickup location, enter a destination, and tap Fare Estimate – the app will calculate an approximate amount based on time and distance, so there are never any surprises on your receipt.

Split Your Fare:

Gone are the days of your freeloading friends, IOUs, and separate cash transfers. Choose Split Fare from the menu and add in the other passengers. They’ll pay a small transaction fee, but otherwise all credit cards will be charged the same trip fee.

Surge Drop Notification:

If you see the surge pricing screen, tap Notify me if Surge Ends. You’ll then get a push notification if surge drops.

Check Out All Product Types: 

Toggle over to different product types before requesting to check the minimum fare for other vehicle types. You can even compare fares with the fare estimator!

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