Vote Uber Red River Rivalry MVP

Since 1929, the Cotton Bowl in Dallas has played host to the Red River Rivalry, Texas vs. Oklahoma football. Students, alumni, and party people make the pilgrimage to the Big D in mid October to cheer on their beloved Longhorns and Sooners.

The historic rivalry takes place Saturday at the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park, amid the sights, sounds and smells of the State Fair of Texas. To avoid unnecessary transportation issues, I’m going to layout an Uber strategy for this year’s big game.

For those not within driving distance of Dallas, here’s the “I just arrived at the airport and need a ride to my hotel scenario.”

The Old Way: Everyone lands, gathers his or her bags and realizes no one in the group booked ground transportation! To make matters worse, your hotel doesn’t offer airport pick-up service and group shuttles are already booked. With no other options, you wait in a cab line for three hours.

The Uber Way: Everyone collects their belongings from baggage claim. You “hit the button” and locate an Uber. Six minutes later an Uber arrives curbside. The crew realizes there’s enough daylight left to check out the hotel pool and high fives are exchanged all around!

Sweet! Everyone’s at the hotel, dinner just ended and now it’s time to hit the bars. Here’s the “It’s the Friday night before the big game and I need a ride to the bars on McKinney Ave. scenario.”

The Old Way: Everyone’s ready to go out, but whose going to drive? Taking a cab isn’t an option, as it’s impossible to get through to the dispatcher so one of your friends decides to step up as the designated driver. Everyone gets in a car and drives to Uptown, then spends the next hour looking for a parking spot. The night is young, but everyone’s already in a bad mood!

The Uber Way: Dinner comes to a close, time to go out. You “hit the button” and within minutes a car arrives. You reach McKinney Ave., everyone hops out of the sleek black town car, turning heads in the process. Tonight is going to be a good night!

Finally, it’s game day. Let’s discuss the “I need a ride to the Cotton bowl scenario.”

The Old Way: One of your friends suggests taking the DART train, but the idea is quickly shot down after learning of last year’s excessive delays, not to mention the Texas heat. Out of options, everyone decides it’s best to drive and park at the game—even though it took two hours to get out of the parking lot after last year’s game.

The Uber Way: Like a boss, you’re now an expert at “hitting the button.” Your car arrives at the hotel and whisks you away to the game. Having arrived even earlier than expected, you get to enjoy the State Fair and stuff your face with fried butter before kickoff.

No matter which team you’re rooting for, everyone knows getting around in Dallas for Red Rivalry weekend is an absolute drag. We want you to declare Uber MVP!

Enjoy the party game,

Team @Uber_Dallas

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