On the Ice With… Tyler Seguin

Tyler Seguin. He’s widely known for his hockey skills and good looks, and as one of the best players in the league, he’s the king of the skates within the Dallas community. Not only is he a star on the ice, but when his skates are off, he’s invested in this community and has found unique ways to leave a mark in DFW.

This hockey season, Seguin and Uber are working together to help support The Dallas Stars Foundation/Seguin Stars, a foundation close to his heart. To celebrate this partnership, he will be taking over our Instagram for the day, and we also got the chance to quiz Seguin about what his life is like–you could say he’s more chill than the rink he skates on…

When you’re not at The AAC, what are your top 3 DFW go-to spots?
The dog park, Nick and Sam’s, and Nobu

Those are fancy restaurants, Tyler. You have to look sharp to go there. How do you keep your locks looking fresh?
I go to Chad Rookstool Salon

Ah, that makes sense, since it’s so close to the arena. Other than Dallas, what’s your favorite arena to play in?
Probably Vancouver or Montreal

Canada. Your homeland, ehh? What’s one thing about Dallas that surprised you, when you moved here?
Just how friendly everyone is

Speaking of friendly… who do you prefer – Bob or Dan? Feel like they’re pretty friendly guys.
That is like “Sophie’s Choice” – you trying to get me in trouble?

That’s the idea. uberX, uberSELECT, or uberBLACK?
uberBLACK for sure

So let’s just say you’re riding around town in uberBLACK, where are you going?
On a game day it’s: practice, lunch, hanging out with Marshall and Cash, a little TV with a short nap on the side, head to the game, play the game, and meet up with the Seguin Stars after the game

Seguin Stars–Tell us a little bit more about this organization.
Seguin Stars started as a way to give back to my community. It is very important to me to support organizations that are giving people a chance to achieve their goals and dreams. The first two years I have worked with people who had spinal cord injuries. A very close friend of mine was in a severe car accident, and he inspired me to reach out to the Southwest Wheelchair Athletic Association, and I play sled hockey annually to raise money and awareness for the team.

This season we are shifting our focus and will be working with the Boys and Girls club of Dallas along with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Texas. Each home game I provide a suite with catering and myself along with my teammates meet up with the kids, after the games. The kids are awesome and the last couple of games it was the kids’ first time to ever come to a hockey game. Their energy and smiles are contagious.

You called Dallas “my community” – thatta boy. If you brought The Cup to Dallas, what would it mean for you?
Everything. Being an NHL hockey player, The Cup is everything. I strive to be the very best and winning The Cup is part of that

If Dallas won The Cup, a handful of goal celebration dances would be in order. How much thought do you put into your goal celebrations?
None. They’re organic

If you could pick anyone, past or present, who would you skate with on your line?
Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux

#99 and #66. Why did you go with #91?
When I got to Dallas, my old number was 19 but it had been retired. So I just reversed it

Oh, wasn’t sure if that was a superstition of some sorts… speaking of, what’s your favorite hockey superstition?
I’m not a very superstitious guy. I’m a very “live in the moment” person

YOLO. Who’s the best wingman on the team?
I plead the fifth

Alright, alright. And what’s next for Tyler Seguin?
Well, it’s hockey season so best scenario for 2016 would be All Stars, Playoffs and The Stanley Cup!

I’m working on a new side project. I’m launching a baseball cap line this month–it’s a pet project that was inspired by my own hat collection. They’ll be available at FourtyFiveTen in Dallas, The Hangar at the AAC and on my website.

A cool aspect of the venture is the charitable component. Both The Hangar and FourtyFiveTen are donating portions of the proceeds to the Dallas Stars Foundation/Seguin Stars for the Victory Green and 1860 Limited Edition hats that are sold.

Be sure to catch A Day in the Life of Tyler today on our @Uber_DFW Instagram. Grab one of his hats starting December 17th. And as always, Go Stars Go!

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