No Car Week

On a typical weekday, most DFW locals have a similar routine. Wake up, get ready, and then set out to conquer the day. Although daily tasks may vary, many of these day-to-day routines have one thing in common – driving a car. So, what happens when that aspect of the routine is taken out of the picture? This is the week to find out! Thanks to the American Institute of Architects Dallas, it’s officially No Car Week in DFW.

We know what you’re thinking, “but I drive every single day. I could never do this.” The Uber team is right there with you. And our team has pledged to have No Car Week for the next six weeks. So put your keys down with us, it’s time to get creative.

Questions to Ask Yourself While Going To and Fro During No Car Week:

  • Q: Where are my walking shoes?
    • A: Check the back of your closet – those white New Balances are getting dusty.
  • Q: Did I sell my roller blades in that garage sale?
    • A: We hope so. But if not, grab your elbow pads and get going!
  • Q: Can I ride my bicycle?
    • A: Don’t forget your helmet.
  • Q: Is there a DART station near my office?
    • A: Check all DFW DART stations here.
  • Q: How do I get to the DART station from home?
    • A: If using DART, Uber can be the first leg of your daily race to work.
  • Q: Won’t this get expensive?
    • A:With the fare-split option in the Uber app, costs are split between each rider. Ride around town with people you know and split the final bill with them!
    • A: If you share your personal promo code with your friends – they’ll get $20 off their first Uber ride, and you’ll get $20 off your next ride in return! Share away!
  • Q: How long does no car week last?
    • A: Monday, February 16th – Friday, February 20th
  • Q: But.. You mean.. A whole week?
    • A: You can do it!

No Car Week is a great reason to discover a lifestyle that’s car free and care free. We are really getting behind the wheel of this No Car Week campaign, and our entire team is going to be ditching their keys for the next six weeks. Stay tuned – we will be sharing all the details of riding through life. #NoKeysNoProblem

If you’re new to Uber, we’d love to have you give it a try! All new users who enter promo code ‘CARLESSDFW’ will get $20 off their very first ride.

Join in on the fun and share your experiences with @Uber_DFW and @AIADallas on Twitter and Instagram.

Saddle Up, Uber On,

Uber DFW Team


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